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  1. Eee, thanks so much Dralarco! I su~uper appreciate you putting the time in to enumerate what you think I can improve! It's great thoughts, too! I'm taking a few days off fro~om this to "reset" my ears a bit so I've got it in a note so I can le~et it stew in my brain for a bit! Be seeing you!
  2. Hi hii! So uhmmm thi~is is my new version of Counterfish! Where's the old one, you ask? Well don't ask. It was earnumbingly terrible with clipping audio over drums that somehow managed to be lifeless yet unrelenting at the same time. I'd say I'm at my limit, but tha~at's not entirely true; I feel I've actually gone past my limit just by listening to the fa~antastic WIPs on this forum (and any judge rejections that I could sneak a listen to) a~and listening to the advice as though it was directed at me. No~ow it's time to have it directed at me, preferably by someone not related to me >_> Plus I'm stuck; I didn't plan this, I kinda let it go (other than the change between Solo Sortie and Counterattack). Lo~ong story short, I have no ending QQ. Also, I was waiting for it to render and decided to play some Super R-Type and I realized that my interpretation was way off. System: Super Nyantendo Game: Super R-Type Source links: WIP link: COUNTERFISH! Tha~anks in advance! Be seeing you!
  3. Hi hii! I'm a "music enthusiast" :3 embarking o~on an adventure in Vocaloid production, but I'd been playing wi~ith video game covers i~in an effort to focus on learning DAW a~and sound design without worrying as much about composition. My brother commented of my Super R-Type project "hey you should submit this to OCR" a~and I thought ok, why not! Well, I've listened to some of the a~absolutely phenomenal work that's been rejected (let alone the work that's green-lighted) and I've realized go~ot a lot of game to step up I'm excited and look forward to meeting and collaborating and hearing from this enormously talented community! Be seeing you!