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    I'm an artist with a bit of an obsession with instrumental music. I do play piano and flute, but I prefer drawing. Soundtracks just happen to be really good arting music.
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    Illustration student

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  1. Hello! I've been a bit of a lurker for a while but finally sucked it up and got an account. I'm more on the "appreciating" side than the "music-making" side, though I do play a couple instruments. I am an artist, though, so I listen to music a lot while drawing. Also, for some reason, my game taste is either "insanely popular" or "incredibly obscure", with almost no in-between...
  2. I've been hanging around this thread for a while, and finally figured I should make an account to say how much I'm looking forward to this. FFIX's music was my favourite and it's pretty great to see the album finally getting close to finish. All the art is pretty great too.
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