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  1. Hello, i'm Carlos, a Digital Artist (You can see my artworks here: ) and i've been listening to OCRemix since long ago. I'm a complete beginner in music, but i really want to learn and i've always enjoyed videogame OSTs, they're so inspiring! One of my dreams is to make a videogame on my own someday, so in order to be one step closer i want to learn how to make videogame music! (Plus, there are tons of existing game tracks that i'm dying to remix ) Where can i start learning as a total newbie? If anyone knows where should i start feel free to PM me! I want to learn how to make Orchestral stuff like in "Soul Calibur 2" and "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance" OSTs, but a cool style like in "Capcom vs SNK 2" would be awesome too! Among my favorite composers are: Hitoshi Sakimoto, Jun Ishikawa, Ayako Saso, Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Kouhei Tanaka and many more. Anyways, nice to meet you everyone! i hope we can be friends