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  1. The other day i was cruising down the street in my 350z shuffling through tracks on my ipod with the volume raised high on my sound system and i ran across this gem of a track out of 10,000 other songs. It took about 2 seconds for me to remember what track it was. I went home and found out through itunes that i had added the song back in 2006!!! Now here's the crazy part!!! (for me at least), I last played the song on July 5, 2007! I thought it was just nuts that even after that many years, i almost instantly recognized your tune and enjoyed every second of it. In fact, i played it 6 times in the car and then i finally got home. I looked up where this song came from and here i am now. I made an account just to even comment on this thread to express how to you how much i love this track.
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