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  1. I remember hearing tracks to a Sega Dreamcast Tribute Album on YT a few years ago. The songs were about how the artists living their lives when the Dreamcast was in full-bloom (rock/techno-ish tracks). I can't seem to find the names of any of the songs online anywhere. Anyone have any info? I remember one of the tracks went "I had a Sega Dreamcast, with two controllers" and "It is still thinking". [My bad for the extreme lack of info]
  2. What's good!? I'm Swamp and I've been following the OCR crew for a few years now. I love transposing VG music and listening to the various types of remixes here. Music (and video games) bring people together, and I'm proud to play a part in the community. I'm looking forward to talking w/ everyone. #Swag