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    LSDJ, screaming vocals, melodica, MIDI

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  1. Howdy! Been lurking for well over a year; time to come out of the shadows. Been a musician for 8ish years, mostly writing my own tunes. I've been touring off and on with some friends since August 2013, and quit my day job to have freedom to pursue more tours and develop games. Art, for me, is a tool to connect with others in important ways that normal life does not allow. Ah, yes, video game music. I only have two personal creations worth showing at this point in time: -Took my first crack at arrangement recently (Green Greens, soft piano style) for a dear one's first short film. I'd like to revisit it compositionally, as well as add in more instruments and perhaps make it a bit longer. It was a fun challenge to work on a song that needed to fit a context, and certainly something I'm looking for more of. -I collaborated with one of my best friends on a LSDJ tune for A.N.N.E's Kickstarter music contest. We won first place. My top 3 game composers: -Disasterpeace (favorite musician of all time, really) -Kenji Yamamoto (of Metroid fame) -Daisuke Amaya (Cave Story) I have great admiration for a large number of composers from the NES and SNES/Genesis eras, like many here. I would say who my favorite remixers are around these parts, but most of them have only contributed once! Looking forward to connecting with folks. If anyone is planning on attending the Power of Play conference coming up here in just under 3 weeks, let's hi-five or something! I hope to learn the flow of the forums, it's been a few years since I've tried to be a part of any online communities. Oh yeah, I 106%'d Super Meat Boy and have a Metroid tattoo.
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