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  1. FIXES: sfx are now melodic rather than simple rhythm. balancing has had some tweaks, mostly confused if I share what Problem I ran into panning on the Leads has been pulled back to 80% rather than 100% ring sound was turned down. PROBLEM: uh-oh... the instruments I chose, most of them barely make a difference in Velocity. I even do listen for the slightest detail, but it sounds the same no matter how much a difference it makes. so in trying to solve the problem, I'm a huge Dynamic Fan (crescendos and diminuendos), mostly why I control Volume instead. I love the timbre I have in this piece, when I switched the song around (after the 1st attempt) I had trouble trying to make the leads pop out of the texture, just by volume, going with velocity made a slight change but it wasn't speaking. That's My biggest reason for volume using, also note, I'm NOT using the MIXER VOLUME, all of that was balanced before I messed with track. I hope it's a bug using FL Studio, other wise I'm stuck. I will say again in the posts I've asked, Thank you! and HOW do I fix this. I still want an eval, knowing this in mind. again, Thank you all!!
  2. Update!!! I got to hear the last one in the car (holy crap!! the bass is gonna explode), so i turned it down, obviously, and turned up a little of the sega instruments and balanced the rest of my volume tracks,I took out some hi hat and added rudimental nonsense to the snare. all right... hit me again! do note, i left it alone for some time, til last week i played it in a car and new what to fix. Other than that my 12th, 14th, 5th ... round? idk I learned a lot for the past year, thank you all for this messy help as always!!
  3. (sigh) all right, another month gone by with no more music writing! but a lot of mastering and other parts. before all that though, NEW PLUGINS!!!! now having FMdrive 2612 (the best megadrive/genesis music emulator EVER!!!) and the SPSG (pure 8 bit sound plugin in from the master system) a big thank you from this awesome site http://www.alyjameslab.com/alyjameslabfmdrive.html . I now have full modulation on the fm2612 and spsg getting a lot of dubstep like noises, it's crazy! Each instrument has it's own EQ, Reverb (except bass), and Compressor. also the main is left alone and mastered everything else lower than i thought i should go, giving a lot of room for all instruments. The Most highlited (besides mastering) was expression, not just pitch bending, but panning as well. Compression was also my concern due to panning around instruments, after listening to other songs i could finally hear, in a way, it's EQ placement (where the lows, middle and high were placed). and as always, What else is there to fix? is there anything you can hear? I do have one i may ask, how is balance? again Thank you all!!
  4. Update!! 1st paragraph: Sweet!! Thank You!! 2nd paragraph: Yes, Basically mimicking the genesis. they all got reverb (well some of them), EQ, compression, individual leveling for dynamics as well. I also went and tuned the sound effects (never came to mind, but it really made a difference). Writing was changed in some spots keeping in mind what you mentioned. My big question was *expression with lead* do you mean flavoring, dynamics, velocity timings (or all the above)? 3rd paragraph: my main question- Tracker Scene??? (i honestly don't know what the reference is... i'm too young), should i source reference those as well (it's a little of: title, bonus, chaoz emerald)? definitely tackled what to do for ending, and begining, i just changed them completely if that's all right, also amplified some parts in the middle as well. final paragraph: overall question-how is the EQ, reverb, compression, and writing in general? I automated the compression for turning on and off for both old and new synths and a little for dynamic purposes.
  5. New song! wow, so much change... I love it, i really am learning a lot. Thanks to all sharing feedback I've grown a lot of knowledge. now for this song, anything i need to tweak?
  6. https://soundcloud.com/jacob-sohler-1/chemical-plant-genesis-factory AAAAAAAnd another month goes by. A long break due to learning a lot on music theory (specifically chord progressions), and more coming to mind. Major changes are the intro, more repeating elements but still new material, a 16 bit layout besides the saw and drumset. sadly still learning my way around mixing (since my 5th song edit), I have an EQ boosting mostly mid range and to help with some phrasing (the chorus high range changes). compression! for stereo seperation: high=25% mid=15% and bass is not separated; also same idea mid range has a boost. question - what category would this song go in? i put in chiptype, because a lot of mixed reactions were "it's not EDM, but it's also not chiptune" is there something i'm not hearing? please let me know and thank you.
  7. more like next month, well college is crazy, but not stopping me. The maximus compressor tweaked stereo splits and merges, and adding stereo shapers for the instruments at hand. as simple as that, I'm gonna try mod review again, mostly worried about structure.
  8. lots of stuff changed and added. plugins 1st - compressor has been tweeked here and there, not wanting to go too far with low or high mainly mid, a Chorus and Flanger were added for that underwater sound. sound effects 2nd - ambiance is placed before and after the choruses. music 3rd - Build up has a slight pause no drums but bass with the release into the bass feature/solo (it feels short but worth it). tempo has a slight change after 1st chorus only 10 clicks from 110 - 100. The other part musically didn't mention at sound cloud, melody is repeated but the harmony does change. also some features have changed from syncopated Hits to unison hits. build up is now drowning sound instead of the chemical plant song (and the lead in to 2nd playthrough). I'm pretty much stuck at this point, don't know what else to fix. my main question is structure, is it easy to follow? i'm open for suggestions as usual. I'll try mod review again the next 2 weeks or so.
  9. https://soundcloud.com/jacob-sohler-1/chemical-plant-factory-work-40 ( really it should've been 4.1, oh well it happened. ) Sound effects have been placed left to right, tempo went up 6 clicks in the 2nd repeat, and the melody is placed here and there for sequencing. Just like my last posts question -
  10. version 3.3 Mod update - Fading effect has been simplified to help structure (exceptions in some parts). Genesis square is messed with, it did have a little bass attack (not anymore) and is also filtered a little (not when ears hurt). Structure - Melody is placed again here and there instead of a solo. I do have a question though, with the material that's played is there too much Material? My goal for some songs is keep the viewer interested with some new material, rather than drag out a whole phrase playing the same thing. again too much material? what has changed - intro like the ending, melody Not a solo, compression and a small eq boost (around 7.5k) to heighten the compression, a decel at the end (I personally like it). Thank you so much for this review! preferred help on structure and others if possible, what can I fix?
  11. I feel pretty confident and ready to switch to "Mod Review", do I ask someone to switch tags or how do I do it?
  12. What I looked at and maybe a question with it: - Multiple different tempos | Yes there is a tempo change (110 - 94), now there's a decel to the swing. the build up starts to accel (94 going 160), with the drums picking up regular tempo(110). I'm Feeling stupid again, but signaling? giving the audience time to hear time? - Clashing harmonies | there was a tuning problem before when I added the pitch track, but I still looked at the clashes (now it's why I started E key instead of Db). - Loudness of certain instruments | Not only did I turn down the 2 instruments you asked, I also balanced out the samples and other instruments. - Checking reverb amounts | some samples and instruments got reverb and have been adjusted (again the idea being in a machine room). - Minimizing the amount of EQ overboosts| Definitely, lowest(20) and highest(10,000) fade out quick. getting more middle sounds than the low or high (without having to cringe) - Checking velocity magnitudes and timing offsets to reduce stiffness and improve realism| The most time fixing and I do have a question with this. Magnitudes I definitely knew what to mess with, Timing offset I did a little just to get the dirt feel (I'm assuming this is a good thing). question on timing, Is that ok for almost clean downbeats? or am I missing something? I Think this is awesome, "I do know" there is something else I probably forgot or overlooked. is there anything else (besides what was asked above)?
  13. in order of questions and fixes: master track did have reverb Now a select amount. Piano "plunky" did adjustments mostly on attack and release. Fl slayer the instrument was something I liked, but it did wake me up realizing my overall soundscape throughout the track (instrument is definitely different). Now this time I left the Reverb basic to get input (the idea was the sound inside a machine room). Beforehand I did mess with velocity timing is now messed with not very much, mostly piano I thought was not as convincing (since you mentioned it). EQ was the main fix I focused on! The headphones ... I know something would not end well, I had the small ear buds at the moment. I immediately went on a search for bigger headphones (over the ear preferred, Yamaha is the brand but it doesn't give the model name). of how stupid I feel when I listened to 3.0 ... truth hurts me, but a definite fix. Anything else I should look at? Thank you so much! you made my day learning what to fix. This information I know is not for this song, but for future songs I want to share. again thank you so much!
  14. Final update! unless someones ears pick up something unusual let me know. I finally got to mess with the production filling some reverb, EQ, and others that made it sound even better. (sorry, took it down)
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