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  1. First thing I have to say in this "review" is that I think that maestro Uematsu's music for this masterpiece is perfect, and when I say perfect I really mean perfect, "as it is". I had to listen to the whole album twice to start understanding something... you know, more than 50 tracks, more than 50 musicians, everyone with his own style and influences... It's not an "easy-listening" album, even you are used at listening prog music as I am and even if you are the biggest fan of Final Fantasy IX on Earth, as I am. So... after the second listening it was almost 3 am, I was very tired of course and I was... fully disappointed. I expected more from you guys. I think many of us can say that Uematsu's masterpiece of the original soundtrack is "You are not alone". Half of the hype of the last 5 years for me was for this song. The version of Poolside and Amanda looked a lot strange to me, not fitting to the original mood of course, and it was a kind of sacrilege to me. I went to sleep, woke up and I suddendly found myself under the shower screaming "I'LL WAIT FOR YOOOOOU UNTIL OUR SOOOOULS ARE TOOORN APAAAAART". And I now I'm listening to Worlds Apart for the third time and I feel ashamed cause now I know that I can be a stupid fanboy too, "corroded so much by the waiting" (hope it's proper english) to not be able to recognize some great music when I listen to it. Thank you Fishy, thank you OC community, hope I'll have the skills to work with you one day. (as always sorry for my poor english)
  2. Well Fishy, thank you for the appreciated advice I downloaded a scan of the official artbook about 10 years ago and I always wondered why those on the scans were not the same I was able to find searching for FFIX arts on Google Image. And finally, in this epic day, I have the answer thank to you My girlfriend's going to hate this day cause now I will claim that book as birthday present
  3. Hope you all have already seen this gallery There are some original unused artworks, and they are all awesome, especially this one
  4. GMT+1 here. I need to study for my comparative public law exam that will take place tomorrow but guys..trust me... I just can't. Five years refreshing this page every day. Hype is killing me.
  5. And it's 0:00 AM here in Italy now! Happy Birthday Final Fantasy IX! I've been here refreshing this thread every day for 5 years as anonymous guest and now I decided to register to celebrate the birthday with you all Glad to read the work is almost over, and glad to see that the artworks are all really stunning, Cheers to you all OCremix people
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