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  1. My friend Veritas, you have an excellent opinion of the game, and I agree with the vast majority of it. However, I'm still not sure what you mean about "bad" since you mention that the only weak points were how the story was told (which I actually enjoyed alot of the time, though yea, it got very complex/confusing/too-much-like-xenogears like =), it did have its points, like in the Dead Sea with the whole connection to CT which was awesome IMHO, and with some unexpected events) and how most characters are pretty worthless, which I agree. They could've REALLY cut down on characters. I can name
  2. I hope your not saying CC was bad. It was better than any FF I've played. I just transfered from CC to FF8 and...omg...CC is so much freakin better in every way (yea even in characters...better to have more than nearly none o_O) Altough I must admit, having too many characters that you never used was a bit of a nuisance, however it's great fun to try to find all their final weapons and lvl 7 elements. Plus, you do use alot of them if you're really a good player, and it's quite fun. Pip rulez! =) But yea, while on CC, I fought Criosphinx and, yes, beat him my first try. WAAAAAAAY harder than a
  3. Well...they are easy...and I don't think I'm a nerd. Either they're really easy, or I'm really good at these games...take your pick The hidden boss in chrono cross...actually I'm about to fight him...he sounds really easy, I'll update when I'm done. And Emerald Weapon is a total joke...he hurt me ONCE, and BARELY hurt me at all at that!
  4. I'm hearing some pretty good arguments in here, though I mostly have to agree with the RPG boss thing. I've beaten every single "super hard" boss in all the FF's, and never had a problem with ANY of them. Yes, I'm talking about Omega Weapon (both of them), Emerald, Ruby, Ozma, Warmech, ALL of them. Dude, a friggen YAN is harder than any of these guys! I beat all these faggots my first try. It's pretty sad. I had more of a problem with that one portal-looking boss in FF5, I never got farther than that point, I could never beat him. Ah well, I will someday. The secret boss in Gem's place in Ill
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