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  1. Awesome mix...!!! Kick-ass job guys and gal I'd also like to commend GT for his nice guitar work! ... *waits for instrumental version to finish downloading* I'm a sucker for instrumentals I demand an ICECAP Remix
  2. with such a great and upbeat remix, I'm wondering myself why Rayza hasn't done more Streets of Rage remixes. Perhaps a tribute to Avien's Slow Moon Groove - still one of my favorite remixes ever.
  3. Just listening to this.... it feels like a gazillion things are going on that I'm so hardly trying to keep track of I honestly enjoyed the solo part. I love that part at 1:37! Good job!
  4. Solid remix overall.. especially enjoyed the solo at 1:12 and the part at around 3:00. I can just imagine Guile standing in front of me, taunting me to beat him.
  5. forget this, I'm not even waiting for the remix to end. This is HOTTT!!!! Awesome mix. If could breakdance, I would!
  6. For the first 10 seconds, I was thinking : "This dude ripped off some other guy's intro!!!" Then I came to the conclusion that the remix (or snippet) I've been listening to for a long long time was yours Nice work...
  7. never paid attention to the original that much, but for some reason I could imagine Knuckles cruisin' down the block in his low rider hollering at his hoes Nice mix!
  8. At first I really didn't pay that much attention to it... but second time I kinda got into the whole groove thing. I like how it starts at 0:29 ... and it just GOES AND GOES from there on. I can't even recall how many times I've minimized my assignment on Word to listen to this Good job!
  9. I loved the remix. Brings back old memories My only gripe would be that there isn't an EXTENDED version of the remix
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