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  1. EriktheFunk Splash Supafly (Splash Warfly in Sigma Stage 2 [X3]) Hilf Dir (Tunnel Rhino in Sigma Stage 2 [X3]) Madness, Exploration, and Pointed Beaks (Storm Eagle in Sigma Stage 2 [X3])
  2. EriktheFunk Cyberfunk (Splash Warfly in Cyber Maze Core [X5]) Infinite Flight Cheat Code (Storm Eagle in Cyber Maze Core [X5]) Kuwanger's Pad (Boomer Kuwanger in Cyber Maze Core [X5])
  3. Too late damnit... Erik Tribal Hunter (Splash Warfly in X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2]) Cloud Hopping (Spiral Pegacion in X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2]) (Don't Wanna) Hurt You (Gravity Beetle in X-Hunter Stage 1 [X2])
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