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  1. What's so hard about making blue laser diodes? You just need to dope Gallium with Nitrogen so it has a precise energy level of 3.34 eV in a way that doesn't distort the crystal structure, despite the fact that Nitrogen's coordination number is 3, far more volatile than other types of diodes.

    Silly Sony!

  2. The sad part is that I understood what they were talking about when they made references to the game.

    :( I was such a warcraft Junkie up to a year ago.

    "Wait, how do I give an item from one character to another?"

  3. I never thought I'd see half of a South Park episode rendered in World of Warcraft.

    You can kind of tell that Blizzard had some deal with them. Of course they were probably the ones making the animations. But, Blizzard was tacked everywhere. Product placements!

    Funny though!

  4. I'll put my money up for Pandarens, just because I want to play as one. No real reason, I jsut do. Except, Blizzard said they originally the had plans to place them in somewhere, and I honestly couldn't see a better place. (Just so long as they are at least NPCs, I'll be satisfied.)

    Though, I also may place a few chips on the Draenei, just because they are ugly and hate the horde. If Blizzard was trying to give Horde a pretty face, they may believe they are balancing it out by giving the Alliance an ugly one.

    If there are any kinks in the story though, Blizzard will change it like they have everything else. Like moving Draenei's home or creating a motivation for the Pandarens to fight. They can add whatever they want.

  5. So what exactly does this hammer of wrath do? Sounds like it wont really change anything for the pally but I'd still like to know :)

    It's a finishing move. Only after the opponent is at 20% health, you have a nuke, 6 second timer, 30 yard range, that does 560 damage for about 500 mana. It was meant to stop runners which palles are plagued with. I.E., mages blinking out of the pally's stun last minute to run away--pallies having no range once-so-ever.

    The best way to counter is to keep your health up. If it's a neck-at-neck battle, keep your health above 20% with a potion or a heal, and you'll be fine.

  6. Yeah, I hit level 60, and then comes the dreaded question that plagues MMORPG's... "Now what?"

    My guild is great, so for them, I still play it once and a while, like on Friday or Saturday when I don't have any plans and feel like sitting in my armchair for some instances. I don't want to go at those things too quickly, otherwise they could get really boring quickly as I have heard many people say. But that's what keeps me playing--a good group of friends.

  7. Gigas of Earthbound..only for the first time though.

    you would never think you had to Pray to kill gigas's last form.which was a massive pain in the ass to finally discover it.

    Yeah, I agree. I actually had to use my strategy guide that came with the game to find it out.

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