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  1. this thread losts its original meaning long ago

    Interesting point. Let's look back to the history of this thread. I hereby announce the first annual Smash Brothers Brawl thread awards. Now for recognitions, listed In the order of which they happened.

    First reply. This award goes to Arek. Congrats. Though your skepticism was fortunately wrong.

    You really think they will show the next smashbros at this e3? Sounds doubtful....

    First accurate guess at a new character.

    I'm really excited to see whether or not the Smash Bros. Wii can improve upon Melee. The first way they can do that is to have Pit as playable character!

    Second somewhat accurate guess.

    I got to thinking what would happen if they placed Ash in the game. I know it's stupid, and he'd suck, but I thought about it because the pokeballs look huge in the game. If they placed Ash in the game, they'd have to make him big enough to enable him to put his fingers around the pokeball, meaning he'd have to be bigger then Bowser. His attack would be screaming I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHU at the top of his lounges for projectile damage.

    First post after it was officially announced. (Sorry Jam Stunna, just a tad slow)

    First mention of Sonic, page 14.

    I have a feeling Sonic may be in there...

    My first post here. <3

    I'm hoping for an Advance Wars related character, personally.

    And thanks to everybody else who competed. Better luck next 10,000 post thread. Please, take this consolation picture.


  2. The 10,000th post better be conversation about something amazing on the dojo, like confirmation that Geno or somebody is a playable character. Because if it is complaining about the Dojo's latest article on the ability to select a stage at random, or the ability to pick stuff up... it just won't be that epic.

    Another massive fail would be somebody posting... "YAY... i r 10,000 get."


  3. Wait, what? You get Wii points for registering your Nintendo games? What if I've already registered them? How many do you get for each game? Why haven't I heard about this before? Are you sure you're not making this up?

    We don't count because it's for Europeans only.

  4. You whaskily Europeans, getting a Club Nintendo and free stuff and... and... :-x

    Nintendo of America hates America!

    Edit: Nevermind... just figured you'd have to spend about $900 US to get a 1000 point card. We can still agree that Japan's Club Nintendo has it good, though... right?

  5. Some looked worse than they did in SSBM. Yay.

    Well, considering the screen will not likely be zoomed in on them like they are in the screenshots, I consider them to be decent.

    I actually really like Lugia being in there, but then they put in Togepi..

    What do you have against Togepi? Togepi is one bad-ass dude.

  6. For anybody who enjoyed Pokemon Snap and are waiting for that to come to the Virtual Console... The VC game will be modifiied to allow players to save the photos they take to the Wii, so you can post it to the message board and hopefully put it in your SD card. http://wii.ign.com/articles/838/838748p1.html?RSSwhen2007-11-30_021900&RSSid=838748

    Oh, and I do like Mercury Meltdown. It was a nice game to help fill the gap before Mario Galaxy game around.

  7. I am going to get Galaxy after work today at Toys R Us. Has anybody had any trouble with that gift card deal, or finding it in stock there?

    Cool beans. I had no trouble with this ad. Granted, Toys R Us's Video game section is so messy and unorganized, it took me 10 minutes to find the display for Mario Galaxy. However, I found it, and had no trouble. Only 2 were left.

    The guy at the counter was rather nice about it all. He seemed to know all to well about the $25 deal. And, contradictory to some stories I read from other people, the dude had no problem with me using the gift card right away. (Some people claimed they were not allowed to use it for a day.)

    So, I got Galaxy and a new copy of Zelda Phantom Hourglass all for $65 combined. (With tax.)

  8. Itreally seems like they're bringing back a lot of the old N64 stuff. I miss the old SSB64. I hope it plays similar to it as well. I'd die happy if they gave Link back his old running-A move from the 64 version.

    Speaking of the 64 version, I hope Nintendo releases SSB 64 for the Virtual Console. It would be perfect if they released it on the original December 3rd promised date, which happens to be a VC Monday.

  9. I don't really get this logic. I worked for a year as a programmer and to me it would be crazy to expect the company to pay, despite the fact that they currently are and will be using my code for a very long time as they see fit, me in perpetuity for that code. Why are writers of TV scripts more deserving of this sort of royalties than any other job?

    I think I can defend that. Being a writer for a movie is a creative role, much like writing a book, creating a painting, or creating a song. The end result is a creative work that has a completely unknown value. The work can flop, or it can become the greatest masterpiece of the entire form of expression. In one case, the work may lose money, or in the other, it may generate many millions.

    Whereas other professions are more calculated in the investment it takes to employ the person.

  10. This might've been mentioned already but Toys R Us is running a sale when you buy Galaxy you get a 25 Dollar gift card.

    Well, I'll be making my first trip to Toys R' Us since the days of the Pokemon League with those trading cards back in '99.

  11. I think it's likely that we're going to possibly see at least one boss character from each series playable so I don't think that characters like Liquid Snake are really THAT farfetched.

    The heroes of each series have always been represented but more often than not the villains have been excluded from the rosters. Now we've got two of Kirby's opponents.

    On that note... Team Rocket/Team Aqua/Team Magma/Team Galactic for Brawl!

  12. It's only been two days and everyone is freaking out about when their favorite shows are going to stop running new episodes. It's not like these shows are all going to collapse. In all likelihood a deal will be cut long before there is any danger of that, even for Desperate Housewives; if the strike lasts through this month I will be very surprised.

    The last time the WGA striked in 1988, it lasted 22 weeks. Anybody who remembers that has cause for concern. Half a year with no late night shows?

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