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  1. Hey all, I am Chris, a.k.a. Diamond Fuzz. I have visited this site for roughly two years now, and figured I should register. I've been playing music since I was in middle school, and making music (primarily in FL Studio) for about a year and a half - just graduated from college and moved. I love video games, and the music from them in particular, and I'm excited to hopefully be a part of this community, 'cause it's great to be with other users who share those passions. I'm probably going to be making a fair amount of electronic music, but I'm interested in playing with all sorts of genres and seeing what works. My goal is to improve my production, editing, and mastering skills. I have a nasty habit of working on a project and then never posting it because I'm way too gosh-darn critical of my own work, and that's a barrier that I'm working to get past. I'm also only recently getting into recording instruments like guitar, so that's an area I need improvement in. My favorite game is Mass Effect, and although I'm sort of young and not terribly familiar with older games and their songs, I love discovering old and out-there works and experiencing them. Lets' see...yeah, that's probably fine. Good to meet you all, and see you around!
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