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  1. This is basicly how this theme would sound, if it was a part of Disney's Lion King! Love it!
  2. Thank you guys, for replying on my thread. I'm really happy to hear that you like the idea of the work I've presented. I'm also very grateful for your critical feedback, which will be very useful when I get time to give it some more work. As I kind of stated in the opening of this thread, I do know about some of the issues, like the snare being to present. I especially noticed it, when I listened to it in my car the other day. I was very happy that you, Garpocalypse, described it as somewhere between mechanical and organic, because yes, it was intentional. I kind of picture the acoustic intruments being played by some sort of mechanical machine, which gives it the none-human feel. This is a part of my idea, since this is the theme music of a factory.
  3. Hi folks! So....I've made a remix of the factory theme from DKC. "Oh really, Fear factory, huh? Never heard one of those before.." Yeah, I guess it's a bit worn out, but I people some people, like me, don't really ever get tired of that tune. What I've made is maybe more of a rearrangement, than a remix. I'm not sure, maybe you'll help me decide. I made this for my own amusement, and never really intended to have others listen to it. I've tried to preserve the "Rareware-sound" when adding my own parts to this, and I feel like I've managed just that. Anyways, as a tribute to a fine community like this, I've decided to share this tune with you, with the hope that it might actually amuse you as well! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7061665/Fear%20Factory.mp3 (Maybe you'll even motivate me to give it some more work, so it can be considered a complete work. Who knows?)
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