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  1. @Darkflamewolf I just read your message today. Is there any problem with my track. I don't understand your message ( why do you quoite me) CHeers.
  2. Hi. It been a long time that I work on a remix track. You'll find here WIP Double Dragon 2 intro maint theme with an orchestral arrangment. I have to fix a lot of things but you'll probably see where I want to go. Original source. Arrangment.
  3. HI. It been a long time since I haven't post something. I make this little track for pixel mixers album final Fantasy 1 (https://pixel-mixers.com/2017/01/28/final-fantasy-i-the-legacy/) Enjoy this little track.
  4. Hi. I want to share with you this project. It's a tower defense game and we work on pre alpha wuth the team. This is the main theme.
  5. Hi. The melody is great but for me, there's a problem with mixing and mastering. I heard this too loud. Perhaps you use too much compression. Do you use some EQ analyse? Because for me you need push Hi freq.Theres too much reverb on the piano too me. My humble mind.
  6. Thank you. Is it Africa from native instrument. Some are loops and other manual done.
  7. @glasfen Don't worry, it's OK. Thank you very much for your suggestions. I also post for that.
  8. @glasfen Thank you very much for all the thing. For the choir, it was the african choir from Logic. i didn't want to make it loud because this part of track is with a lot of instrument. The flute is a Fula flute. I used Balafon, Bolon and Kora (you said guitar but it's a Kora). @Uffe von LauterbachAnd Mario Salsa Touch, it's another video (to force people to go on another track ;-)) Thanks
  9. Hello everybody. It's been a long time until I post something. I tried this tonight with african samples. Absolutely not perfect but I liked making this. I this that everybody knows the original track!!
  10. Thanks @Smooth4Lyfe. For the trumpet, it was a choice. I want to use a muted trumpet for this track. Perhaps not the better choice but I found that it was nice in latin track.
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