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  1. I love the recorders at the begining! You did such a great job I think the electric backing in the second section is a bit too harsh though, it's almost overpowering; maybe it could be a bit softer Also I loved when the drums came in! It actually made me excited, I was like "Yes!!" And Again the synth backing towards the end sounds out of place in my opinion, it's just a bit.. random? The atmosphere in Final Fantasy IX is amazing, you've really brought me back to it with this mix, Thanks
  2. Haha, there's a name I didn't expect to hear, you are right though, like everything it's the more you do it. Also updated the song as per your suggestion, I can really hear the difference now
  3. Haha no I don't take offense, actually this is exactly the kind of thing I want to hear! I'm new to music technology so hearing something like this lets me connect the theory and practice together. I can see what you mean too, I've been listening to it with really low quality headphones so it's likely I can't notice, but regardless the frequencies ARE pretty high. Bit embarassed that the first problem is something that makes it difficult to listen to the whole thing, though. It's a shame but I'll learn Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, it's my first time posting here, I've been writing music for a while as a hobby, and about a month and a half ago I decided I'd actually sit down and study music theory/technology, so I got myself a copy of Live and a couplea books. Hopefully I can learn a lot from here, too. Rance03 was released this year and is a remake of a 1992 game by the same name. I tried to take inspiration from the original 1992 track as well as the remake. Here's the 1992 Version Here's the recent version And here's my version (Old) EDIT: Removed some high tones on the lead Synth Also, whilst this game is an RPG, so classifies as a "game", it's also eroge, is that allowed? If not then I'll remove this post, but I couldn't find any indication so I thought I'd give it a shot. Looking forward to your feedback!