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  1. Thanks for your nice comments Modern Sapphire, I appreciate it! I have to admit I am a synthesizer lover, and yes, the synths are quite contrasting compared to the rest of the arrangement. I did that on purpose, I like the dark touch they convey and the excitement it brings (to me). Thanks again for your feedback
  2. Clicks and pops are likely caused by your configuration/setup, not the software. Have you tried increasing the buffer size of your sound card? How much RAM do you have available?
  3. Very nice, I especially like that dark bass. Is it a real physical instrument or are you using samples (if so, which library are you using?) I agree with Necrox that the reverbed snare is nice, however it is placed to the background a bit too much for my taste. Maybe using just a little less reverb may help.. but I guess it really comes down to personal preferences. Well done.
  4. Whoah, very nice vid! Great musicianship and a very nice, original arrangement.. what can I say, this is great. Sound is good, but if I may nitpick a bit: Mic'ing/recording a drum kit is an art form in its self, and you did a pretty good job. However the mix sounds a little bit muffled to me, it needs some more "air".. the kick is a bit wooly. Checking out your channel now.. Keep it up!
  5. HI! I like the acoustic vibe as well. Even though your arrangement is very similar to the original, the songs has a very different feeling to it. And it's always great to hear some actual instruments instead of samples all the time Love the harmonies at 1:30. Some pointers: Most importantly: the timing of the guitars is sometimes a bit off, maybe you can tighten it up a bit? Guitars (especially in the beginning) is a bit bright, could use some eq. They are also loud compared to the drums (however the cymbals are loud). I don't like the kick; it's a bit muffled. I do hope you'll continue with this piece! Best of luck.
  6. Ok.. listening from work (shh!) on some shitty earbuds.. Sounds good! I don't have much to add, just a minor remark. The organ solo is distracting me a bit. The solo itself is great, however there is some panning going on (or a really slow Leslie?) that sounds strange to me. I think this is not that noticeable on nice speakers.. but I've got shitty™ earbuds Maybe I'm nitpicking a bit.. Good luck!
  7. Very nice vibe; I like it. I love the transition around the 2 min mark (feels as if another dimension unfolds... umm, if that makes any sense) Sounds go well together, only the drums seem to stand out a bit (very dry), but I actually don't really mind.
  8. Whoa, you've got some serious arrangement skills You "translated" the original to orchestrated version perfectly. I've never played this game, so I am "unbiased": I like your version better. Btw, what sample lib do you use?
  9. Thanks for the comments guys! Making someone want to replay a game is the best compliment I can get Maybe I'll make an alternative version of "The place I'll return someday"... "The piece I'll return to someday"... For now, I wanted to stay true to the original as I could not find a high quality recorder version yet.
  10. Hey! Thanks a lot for listening and leaving a comment Hehehe, I agree the transition may be a bit rough. I'm probably biased because of my love for progressive/experimental rock, where such (and much more crazy) transitions happen all the time. Two separate tracks? Yes.. maybe indeed. I always felt these two different songs go together well since they have similar themes. Also storywise it makes somes sense, with Terra being the place Zidane would eventually return to. However I understand where you're coming from now that I'm listening to the finished song.. May have been a good idea to split them up. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the views guys.. But.. No advice/feedback/opinions/praise/criticism? Please help me improve my skills!
  12. Hello everyone! My first post on this forum. I only recently found out about is forum, can you believe that? I want to share with you a cover (yes, cover, not really a remix) from FFIX. This cover contains the songs "The place I'll return to someday" and "Terra" (by Nobuo Uematsu). For "The place I return to someday" I could not find a high quality recorder ensemble version of this song yet, so I decided to give it a try. I tried to mimic the original, using real instruments (recorders) instead. For the second part of the cover; "Terra", I played around a bit. Although I stayed close to the original arrangement and feel of the song (I think), I did make some changes. I would really appreciate it if you could provide me with your feedback.. any feedback. I realize I probably won't be able to submit this as a remix (as it sounds close to the original), but that was not my intention anyway. (The cover was done before I discovered OCR). I hope you enjoy it! Best, Impluo
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