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  1. [ PZZL #Final ] Industrial Metal / Industrial Rock band Broken Down has published several webpages following the releases of its second album The Other Shore. The mystery of this digital part seems to be at hand with the recent upload a what seems to be the lastest page : A Broken Puzzle : https://broken-puzzle.ovh Upload your own music at https://thisartisyours.ovh Read the details about A Broken Puzzle : https://altsphere.com/en/news-139-A-Broken-Puzzle--the-band-Broken-Down-revealed-the-digital-facet-of-its-album
  2. [#PZZL6 / 6] https://thisartisyours.ovh Hi Folks, Here comes the new and lastest piece of a broken puzzle... So now you know there are 6 pieces to get from the Internet... Soon another web page will appear to tell you more about it... But for the moment, it is time for you to dig and find the new and lastest piece, to get exclusive content from Industrial Metal / Industrial Rock band Broken Down, to upload your own music track, song or remix of a Broken Down's track and to download 'This Art Is Mine' multirack sources to build your own track.
  3. [#PZZL5] Dig and find new Broken Down's exclusive content... http://tomato-loving.ovh Broken Down's new album The Other Shore is a whole as music is treated as art. It's about freedom, free-thinking and pushing people to create and to share... ... download Speculator multitrack sources /stems and create your own track as some artists have already done with the track The Other Shore taken from eponymouse album...
  4. Alienated Music... Dig and find who's said to be alienated from this world... http://alienatedmusic.ovh This record is a whole as music is treated as art. One of the main themes of the lyrics is about creating its own art without censoring yourself. It's about freedom, free-thinking and pushing people to create and to share. That's also why you'll find around the internet stems (separated channeLS? multitracks sources) of the songs to build your own remixes as an answer to the original songs. ... download Alienated Music multitrack sources /stems and create your own trac
  5. More multitrack source to dig into and a new piece of the broken puzzle to get by uploading your vision of the world on picture. http://scribbleyourworld.ovh [ PZZL#3 ] Broken Down The Other Shore out now on CD, digital download and limited hand-numbered digipack
  6. Mr Sun : another song available as multitrack source if you can find it... and more to discover.... keep digging http://disciplesofmrsun.ovh PZZL#2
  7. Broken Down has been broken down into a remix by Waves : https://youtu.be/HeuVsBqPUsI Make your own remix. Download 'The Other Shore' & 'This Art Is Mine" remix pack at :http://altsphere.com/en/news-135-Broken-Down-released-new-single--maxi-EP-Another-Shore
  8. Watch the videoclip of new BROKEN DOWN's single, 'The Other Shore', taken from the album of the same name scheduled for February 26th. The Other Shore full-length album is now available on pre-order: -as CD or limited hand-numbered digipack - as digital download from iTunes - as digital download from Amazon - and from your usual good music dealers... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JrHN6IHAVw This song is also available on the maxi-EP / single Another Shore as free digital download on Bandcamp, including 2 bonus remixes, and as streaming and digital download on iTunes
  9. Another Shore single / Maxi EP [ Third Spit ] Industrial Metal / Industrial Rock one-man-band Broken Down have released a brand new song, 'The Other Shore', taken from band's eponymous album The Other Shore schedulded for February 26th 2016. This single, called Another Shore, is available as digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer,... and includes as bonus an unplugged version recorded December 2015 using an acoustic guitar, a tiny djembe, an empty beer can, a chopstick, a tambourine and a metal lid. The single is available as a free maxi-EP exclusively at Bandcamp
  10. Get the stems (separated channel) to remix the original song This Art is Mine by Broken Down. Feel free to send your track to the band. Download here :http://broken-down.net/broken-songs/7-thisArtIsMine.zip check sample of the original song here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvXoiKK9bx4
  11. The Other Shore, Broken Down 's new album scheduled for February 2016, is a concept well described here: Read about The Other Shore's concept That will explains you more about the remixes First stems (separated channels) are available here : http://broken-down.net/broken-songs/3-theOtherShore_remixPack.zip (152Mo) more to come
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