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  1. I... don't hear what you're talking about here at all. Unless you mean they both have a bunch of fast notes playing under a slow melody line? The ending to Blade Runner is hardly the first piece of music to do something like that though. EDIT: Listened through them both again a little more carefully and yeah... No. Blade Runner theme is: C-Bb-Ab-G (or a descending line going Major 2nd, Major 2nd, minor 2nd) J-E-N-O-V-A is: Cb-Bb-Ab, Cb-Bb-Ab-Cb-Db-Eb (or descending minor 2nd, Major 2nd etc.). So no, not plagiarized and I wouldn't even say inspired by, to be honest. Regarding the original post, I've personally never heard of either songs in question until now (I've lived under a rock for a good majority of my life), but they do sound crazy similar. Like, I'm the kind of person that always gives the benefit of the doubt, but here.... I remember seeing an FFXIV panel a bit ago (I think when they were doing something for the recent expansion) and they had a section where the composer came and talked about making the music for the game and kinda messed around with making a track live. All I really remember after watching it is being pretty unimpressed The FFXIV's composer is way more successful than me right now though, so what do I know.
  2. Heh, not a bad idea (even though I've got a million consoles under my TV already competing for that position ). There might be some crazy use for it yet though. I didn't mention it, but right now all of my sample libraries are crammed onto a 1TB external HDD which is plugged into a USB 3.0 port. I've been wanting to upgrade to SSD but larger ones are still pretty pricey... I do have a 250gb one in the new desktop I built though, and I know I've got a spare HDD sitting around. Maybe I'll try to migrate the OS of the new computer to my spare HDD so I can use the SSD for my more commonly used samples...
  3. True words, if I had followed this advice last year (instead of constantly convincing myself I "need" new things) I would be in a much better spot now. No use lamenting poor past decisions though, just gotta suck it up and learn from my mistakes. I definitely need more power in some form, but I was also trying to get it in a way that made use of what I already have. Unfortunately, as others mentioned, it would be simpler and more cost effective to just upgrade the RAM in my main computer (can't combine what I have, unfortunately). I can quadruple the available memory of one machine for about half the price of VEP, with the benefit of also not having to worry about moving licenses around and such (which would undoubtedly be a headache by itself). I'd lose out on the extra CPU power, but I don't think that would really be a problem (haven't paid as much attention to my CPU usage compared to RAM, though I do know it's not really an issue). It kills me a little to have a brand new computer sitting around being useless, but that might just be something I have to deal with. The laptop is still plenty useful for when I need to travel outside of my apartment to do recording work, but the second desktop was just a bad purchase, I think. I guess I can always just upgrade the RAM of one computer and see how that works out, and if I decide It's somehow not enough then I can reconsider VEP as an option. EDIT: Also, thanks everyone for all the thoughts so far, it's been very helpful!
  4. Interesting... It's a shame that support for it has been discontinued. Some basic googling seems to point to it being fairly unstable in W7 as well (which means W10 is probably out of the question entirely). I also found out about something called Wormhole, though it looks to be equally neglected and unviable. It's a bit odd to me that there are so few options for doing this kind of thing, despite it being a seemingly fairly common practice. Oh well, VEPro it is, I guess. Thanks for the info though.
  5. NBD There's a lot of stuff in that optimization article that I didn't think of or even know about, will definitely be putting some of that to use pretty quickly. Thanks for the help and feedback, looks like I'm gonna be making another big purchase pretty soon here....
  6. Hello everyone! So here's the thing. Through a series of mishaps and questionable purchases, I find myself in possession of no less than three decently powerful computers, two of which are custom built desktops and the remaining one being a new Toshiba C50-C laptop. They each have 8gigs of RAM and are all packing multi core processors (also, 2 are running Windows 10 while one desktop is still on Windows 7). I've been doing fine with just the one desktop for a number of years now, but I've lately found myself using more and more higher quality sample libraries along with more cpu-intensive plugins. Alone or in simple projects there's no issue, but I've noticed things starting to get pretty cramped in mid/large size projects and workflow/inspiration is starting to get stifled because of it. My question to y'all is this: Are there any effective ways that I can somehow link all these computers together to combine their powers? Or at least take advantage of them in someway so that I don't have good computers just sitting and collecting dust? I've heard of using Vienna Ensemble to link computers to make use of extra RAM and processing power, but the program is pricey and after last year's messes I'm a bit gun-shy on dropping another 300+ dollars if I can avoid it. Do any of you use this program? Would you say it's worth it? Are there any alternatives? For more info, I'm currently using one main desktop with a dual-monitor setup (and I've got 1 spare, shitty monitor). I primarily work in Reaper/FL (depending on what I'm doing) but I also own Bitwig, which I've tinkered with a little. I've messed with some linking functions that Reaper has, but found that they only work for Reaper's own plugins, so it's not really of use to me. Any thoughts are welcome, feel free to stream your conscious at me.
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