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Found 4 results

  1. ...anybody have any suggestions for 2d human drawing software? so I can use it to deconstruct the basic shapes of the human body(arms, legs, noses, teeth etc.) I don't have a very good grasp on human shapes. I want to be able to get the proportions right...
  2. Hey folks, Searched for a topic about this but maybe search is broken cuz literally no hits showed up. What's your DAW of choice? I'm running Finale 2010 and it sucks (for many reasons) and I hate it. The audio is garbage, which isn't crazy to imagine since its software more for writing sheet music more than for producing sound. What's good? What is good for a person such as I, accustomed to writing music through sheet music? Should Is stick with Finale and mess around with improving audio with Soundfonts? Much thanks. If a thread about this already exists, please definitely send me to it.
  3. Hello everyone! So here's the thing. Through a series of mishaps and questionable purchases, I find myself in possession of no less than three decently powerful computers, two of which are custom built desktops and the remaining one being a new Toshiba C50-C laptop. They each have 8gigs of RAM and are all packing multi core processors (also, 2 are running Windows 10 while one desktop is still on Windows 7). I've been doing fine with just the one desktop for a number of years now, but I've lately found myself using more and more higher quality sample libraries along with more cpu-intensive plugins. Alone or in simple projects there's no issue, but I've noticed things starting to get pretty cramped in mid/large size projects and workflow/inspiration is starting to get stifled because of it. My question to y'all is this: Are there any effective ways that I can somehow link all these computers together to combine their powers? Or at least take advantage of them in someway so that I don't have good computers just sitting and collecting dust? I've heard of using Vienna Ensemble to link computers to make use of extra RAM and processing power, but the program is pricey and after last year's messes I'm a bit gun-shy on dropping another 300+ dollars if I can avoid it. Do any of you use this program? Would you say it's worth it? Are there any alternatives? For more info, I'm currently using one main desktop with a dual-monitor setup (and I've got 1 spare, shitty monitor). I primarily work in Reaper/FL (depending on what I'm doing) but I also own Bitwig, which I've tinkered with a little. I've messed with some linking functions that Reaper has, but found that they only work for Reaper's own plugins, so it's not really of use to me. Any thoughts are welcome, feel free to stream your conscious at me.
  4. Hi, I am brand new to the forums and recording (I have been messing around with Mixcraft 6 for the last few years, even manage to produce a few covers and originals). My question is: What is the standard for producing remixes. I have read the forums and watched tutorials and the main program that I have seen is FL Studios. Is there some specific stuff you can do in FL that you can't in other programs? (I have used a demo of fl years ago but only poked at it) It's also more affordable than the mainstream programs such as Logic and Pro Tools which I would understand why it's used the most. Also what is most used for mastering? Any help will be accepted Thanks! - Matt
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