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  1. Personally, I think it rocks. The bass at the beginning is sweet, along with the rest of it. Doesn't fit with the 'standards' of OCR? Hah, go look at some of the crap that has been accepted before. Props Malcos, for making a badass chill rendition of a great song from a great game
  2. Woah, I totally forgot about this track. What you did with it was great, I love the piano arrangement, it works perfectly for it. Kudos. I'd love to see some more F-Zero mixes on this site, man what a great game.
  3. Awesome. The quality was great, and it's a great theme to be remixed in the first place, let alone by someone as good at what he does as this. Bitchin.
  4. All I have to say is that that's some of the craziest, cool, piano playing I've heard.
  5. I really enjoyed it. I liked the tempo changes, and the melody is a nice one to begin with. I also like the instrument choices a lot, the quality sounds pretty good. The middle-easternish flavor really adds to the peice too. Overall, 8/10
  6. Got 'nother drum question. When you start up FL and you have the 4 channels sitting there (C_Kick, C_HC, CHH, and C_Snare) is there any way to increase the amount of beats you get? Like 16th notes and 32nd? Because without them I cant get the timing quite right... (not sure if that makes sense, but thnx anyway! )
  7. Oh...sounds...easy. I guess. Heh, well, thanx for the info! Now I just gotta get crackin on this remix!
  8. Okay Im new here, and being the newb that I am, I have a question about breakbeats. How might one go about making one? I mean, I have the thing down perfectly in my head, but I have no idea how to transfer that into Fruityloops. Any suggestions/tolerance of my n00b idiocy would be much apreciated.
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