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  1. Oh man. This takes me back to the good ol' days of beta. Wonderful piece!
  2. This really reminds me of the Medley of Pokemon/ Medley of Kirby remixes by Hapi. I really enjoy this one, and I feel like it could be close to a finished product. The only thing that I might be interested in is if you replace the melody at the end with piano. That could give the piece a full-circle ending, just something to look into.
  3. Just started a project that I have been thinking about for a while. This is not so much of a remix as it is a cover of the song, however, this has all been done by ear so far. I hope that you all think that it may be sounding alright, although I do need to figure out what to do about repeating the song/ the key change at the end. Not sure yet how to work that out. But nonetheless, here is the song: And here is the original music from the game for comparison:
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