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  1. Thanks so much for the review! My job and other obligations have kept me very busy for the past few months, but I was finally able to sit down and take another crack at improving the mix some more. I wasn't totally sure if I was going in the right direction with what you said, but I did quite a bit of tweaking with the different channel's EQs, to try and minimize interfering frequencies and things like that. I think it might be a bit more clear sounding now, but then again my ears are fairly untrained so that may definitely not be the case, haha. Either way, here is the current version of
  2. Alrighty, so I've gone through and did my best to try and find harmony issues and fixed what I could discern at least I suppose since I've come quite a ways on this remix, and it's been a little over 2 years since my last mod review on this, I'll mark this as ready to review. I'm still pretty nervous about that high bar of the panel, but I really appreciate all the feedback from everyone on this so far! Here's a link to the most recent version: https://app.box.com/s/wwcxigeyz703wlhjtz77z4xwqmbtem66
  3. Thanks so much for the input! I was at MAGFest this past weekend and went to one of the OCR panels, and got some more inspiration to work on this more tonight. I mainly just changed the ending like you had mentioned so that it hopefully isn't as abrupt and such. I tried to sort of giving it a bit more energy before easing it out, and ended it on a (hopefully) better chord. I haven't quite gotten the time to work on the harmony fixes yet but those will probably be next! I don't think the link changed since it just updates the file, but I'll post it here again anyway! https://app.
  4. Thanks for the input! And I haven't submitted this to the panel yet. With how long things usually take to get through the panel, I'm basically too nervous to submit it unless I'm more than say... 90% confident it'll pass, haha. I do admit though, when I originally started this remix, I was right out of high school after having been in band for 4 years, so my musical ear was a bit... better back then. So basically, I'm struggling quite a bit coming up with new ideas since I haven't really done much music stuff in a few years. However I can't just leave behind 3+ years of work and $400 of a
  5. Thank you for the input! I've made a new version again, I tried mainly adding some countermelodies and such mainly in the second half of the song. I feel like I'm sort of hitting a wall with ideas at this point but I'm trying every once in a while to add something new in! https://app.box.com/s/x1vnb945exx6xhhuumqopja088nf11bs
  6. I suppose I'll give this another bump since it's been about 3 months. If this much bumping in a row isn't allowed, just let me know and I'll stop. I just figure not many people are gonna see the thread a few pages down.
  7. Well, I apologize for yet another bump, but I just can't seem to walk away from this remix. I went out and bought a pair of studio monitor headphones and an external DAC to try and improve what I can hear for working on this. I've made a couple changes, mainly related to mixing, but I would still really appreciate suggestions! https://app.box.com/s/xfg85hfbx77tfw4d40m7wfg1t4e8pwsn
  8. Probably the last bump I'll make on this unless some suggestions roll in. I don't really have anyone else to consult for music help so any and all comments are really appreciated ^^
  9. Hello everyone! I saw an art forum and thought I might post some of the art I've done. I usually like to draw while either waiting for music feedback or just if I'm bored. I'm far from being where I want to still, but I post most of my work to my DeviantArt gallery here: http://best-dude55.deviantart.com/ (a lot of it is old) Here are a couple of pictures I've done that I think turned out somewhat decent Thanks for looking!
  10. Hello everyone, so I finally got all of my VSTs re-downloaded, and decided to take another look at this remix after seeing the new Sonic album released. It's been over a year since I've really done any music stuff, so this new version probably won't be the best. To be honest, I didn't change much from the last version, just a few things here and there. However, I figured since it's been about a year and a half since the last post, there may be other people on the forum now that may be able to add their thoughts in addition to the other posts so far. Here is a link to the newest version: h
  11. 'nother bump, just wanna make sure this sounds good before I get an evaluation
  12. Cool, thanks a lot! I'll try and bring out the backing mallets a bit more in that section like you said. Thanks again!
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