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  1. Well, I apologize for yet another bump, but I just can't seem to walk away from this remix. I went out and bought a pair of studio monitor headphones and an external DAC to try and improve what I can hear for working on this. I've made a couple changes, mainly related to mixing, but I would still really appreciate suggestions!
  2. Probably the last bump I'll make on this unless some suggestions roll in. I don't really have anyone else to consult for music help so any and all comments are really appreciated ^^
  3. Suggestions still appreciated ^^
  4. One more bump, hopefully I'm not bumping this too frequently
  5. Just a quick bump since it's just about been a couple weeks
  6. Best Dude55

    Digital art I've done

    Hello everyone! I saw an art forum and thought I might post some of the art I've done. I usually like to draw while either waiting for music feedback or just if I'm bored. I'm far from being where I want to still, but I post most of my work to my DeviantArt gallery here: (a lot of it is old) Here are a couple of pictures I've done that I think turned out somewhat decent Thanks for looking!
  7. Hello everyone, so I finally got all of my VSTs re-downloaded, and decided to take another look at this remix after seeing the new Sonic album released. It's been over a year since I've really done any music stuff, so this new version probably won't be the best. To be honest, I didn't change much from the last version, just a few things here and there. However, I figured since it's been about a year and a half since the last post, there may be other people on the forum now that may be able to add their thoughts in addition to the other posts so far. Here is a link to the newest version: Thank you!
  8. Best Dude55

    wip Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire - VS Groudon Remix

    'nother bump, just wanna make sure this sounds good before I get an evaluation
  9. Best Dude55

    wip Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire - VS Groudon Remix

    Cool, thanks a lot! I'll try and bring out the backing mallets a bit more in that section like you said. Thanks again!
  10. Best Dude55

    wip Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire - VS Groudon Remix

    Just a quick bump on this since it's been almost a couple weeks
  11. Hello again everyone! So I finally worked up the nerve to post here again with a new remix I've been working on. I've been working on this one for a while, and it was pretty fun to do. I kinda tried some things with different sounding basslines than I normally use and also I experimented with major key switches. As usual though, I still don't know much about production since I'm way too busy with school and work to look into learning more about it. So I just kinda do what I think sounds right, even though it is probably all wrong haha. Anyway, here's a link to the newest version so far if you'd like to listen: Edit: Forgot to put the source, whoops!
  12. Best Dude55

    wip Pokemon Black/White - Surf Theme

    Thanks for the feedback! I added some more on to the end, and I actually added an NES kind of lead on top later on to give it sort of a retro, but new kind of feel if that makes sense. I also thought that might give it some variation later on like you had said. Here's a link to what I have now!
  13. Hey there everyone. I recently built a new computer, so I had taken kind of a long break from making music while I run around reinstalling all my programs. However, I think I got everything back now, so I decided to start this remix of the surfing theme from Black and White. It has been a while since I've done music stuff, and I'm honestly not all that good to start with, so it's kinda rough still. Mainly, to me, it just sounds kind of flat and I don't really know how to give it a more "full" sound, really. Anyway, here is a link to the source: And here is a link to the most recent remix version: and again, it is still a WIP. Thanks!
  14. Best Dude55

    finished Sim City (SNES) - Title Theme Remix

    Alrighty! So mainly just some small changes here and there. Probably the biggest thing I did in this version was add a little countermelody at 1:59, since it sounded a little empty there with just the one synth playing. Other than that, just small changes from the previous version. link:
  15. Best Dude55

    finished Sim City (SNES) - Title Theme Remix

    Alrighty, so I made a few changes to the remix to see how it sounded. Mainly, I adjusted some volume levels that I thought might be too much/too little. I also tried out just a ouple different instruments in some small places, such as in the sort of buildup section. Here's the current version: