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  1. I guess I just don't understand the mindset of "it's not up to my standards, but given the chance I wouldn't improve it".
  2. This track is solidly mediocre. The instrumentation is nice and Taucer's guitar work is beyond excellent, but everything having to do with the vocals is just bad and drags the track back down to middle ground. The lyrics are cheesy and the syllable placement is cringe-inducing. The lines don't flow rhythmically; it sounds like awkward chanting at best. I think "There's a fire lit so let's unthaw now" might be one of the absolute worst lyrical choices I've ever heard in my life, bar none, and the rest of the lyrical choices are in that same ballpark. I recognize it's tough to put good lyrics to a melody line that was never intended to be sung, but these lyrics needed a few more rewrites. The vocal performances feel phoned-in at best. The female vocals are kind of okay, but the male vocals are flat and unenthusiastic, and the intonation on both is off just enough to be noticeable. The chanted section by the deeper male voice was a misguided aesthetic choice. That performance has zero flow and comes off like a 90's sketch comedy bit making fun of white people attempting to rap. I have no idea why so many people in this thread heaped so much praise on this track. With more time spent reworking the lyrics and more takes recorded on the vocals (or perhaps cutting the singing entirely and fleshing out the instrumental), it might have been worth something, but as it stands, this is a swing and a miss. It seems like what happened here is that a bunch of talented people got together to work on a song and threw a bunch of stuff in, but nobody had the producer-spine to cut parts and/or say what needed to be said for the song's sake, perhaps for fear of offending each other. A lot of wack stuff made it to the final mix. I can't imagine that if someone had been thinking in terms of what was best for the track (instead of what was best for everyone's egos) it would have turned out like this. It's kind of sad to see how almost every time someone in this thread has criticized any aspect of this track, they're met with snark, excuses, and hostility, or even worse, some form of "well it wasn't meant to be good from an objective standpoint so you're looking at it wrong."
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