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  1. Hello guys ! I just released my 1st album and wanted to share it here ^^ Even if it's an original album, you can feel it was greatly inspired by video games ! I'm sure some of you found out where the album's title comes from You can stream all the tracks from Bandcamp and of course buy it if you wish to support a young artist (if you do, you can use the code "escape" to get 50% off until the end of March) If you really like it but you can't pay for it, just leave me a message and i'll send you a link to a free download... in exchange for your impressions
  2. Hey guys ! So I've been working on this track, and I hesitated to submit it directly to OC ReMix, but decided to post it here first : Of course, any critics will be welcome, but the main thing I'm asking for is, whether should I add a guitar solo or not. When I was creating the arrangement I thought I could compose a guitar solo for the (2:37) part. But I moved on to polish the rest of the track and at last make the solo. But I got used to the track without the solo, and now I'm lost, I think It's fine without it, but I'm not sure. Tell me what you think ! Also the biggest of my trouble when creating a piece of music is to give it a title at the end, so any suggestion will be appreciated