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  1. Help us "Crowd Create" the Theme from HALO - and Break a Guinness Record. Attention All Musicians and Game Music Fans! Help Eimear Noone, The Dublin International Game Music Festival and Video Games Live Break a Guinness World Record. As many of you know, on April 4th, 2015, at the 1st Dublin International Game Music Festival, Eimear Noone combined 134 musicians and singers on stage at the Convention Center Dublin, with 128 videos submitted from musicians around the world - all coming together to "Crowd Create" Eimear's"Malach," theme from the orig
  2. Hi All, I just joined the group and wanted to share a host of the educational blogs I have created. I hope you all find them of use! Composing to picture using "Point of View" Composing to picture using "Point of View" part 2 Video Synchronization in Logic Pro X and the Tempo Change Trick The Ultimate Tempo Mapping Exercise: Anuna Recording Layered Tracks and Gain Matching Beware of Duplicating Track Names, a Cautionary Tale Composing Under Dialogue, the Unwritten Rules My Download Link Doesn't Work
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