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  1. dood that's Chrono Trigger noob Did someone fucking mention Chrono Trigger? I'll be actively shunning WIPs and other filters that come out of this project for maximum surprise effect months down the road. bLiNd for the win. Edit: Oh, and make the Turks / Shinra / Rufus Welcoming (if it's in) fantastic!
  2. WTF? I'm one of the "many more"? I don't get mentioned? In fact, all of my band is in the "many more" category? I am offended. Fuck you and fuck your project. In case anybody didn't pick up on it, I'm joking. I am thrilled to be on this project, and I think it's gonna kick some serious ass. Good luck, Taucer!
  3. I resubmitted the story to Slashdot's Index section, which serves as a sort of general news category. This should bypass the Game Editor, who is bent on running the game section like his personal blog. VIVE LE ZEALITY
  4. Okay, it looks like "Zonk" isn't going to post my news at Slashdot. He's running the game section like a blog, posting everything himself. son of a bitch bastard-dick cockblasting shitcock asser of a fuckcrack lovestick fagraper How do we proceed?
  5. Slashdot has still not posted the news. If someone else has connections or wants to try, please include mention of the interview and Coliseum 2.0.
  6. That's Mitsuda's line in the Dream Team ending of Chrono Trigger. He then walks out of the room.
  7. ... Anyway, Slashdot still hasn't posted the news, probably because the Game guy has a ton of stuff to post today. I'm going to give it until midnight.
  8. Well, the slashdot hasn't gone through yet either. The game section has had no new posts since last night when I submitted, so hopefully it'll pop up today.
  9. Okay, I'll provide some feedback. Right now I'm rushing like a hellhound. I'm waiting for my Slashdot submit to go through. I was warned by SquareAmp's webmaster that the current game editor is kind of a nazi, and likes to only post things himself. Nonetheless, I'm hoping this is important enough for this guy's standards. If he posts something else unrelated and makes no mention of the news, I'm just going to submit it somewhere else on the site. What I submitted was, in case anyone has inside connections iwth Slashdot, ~ Overclocked ReMix's latest site project, Chrono Symphonic, has debuted. It features 25 orchestral rearrangements of Chrono Trigger songs. Though almost completely digital, the album was intended to sound like a movie score. The convolution-based reverb settings used to simulate a live environment were that of the 700-seat Promenadikeskus Concert Hall in Pori, Finland. Over a year in the making, this is OCR's sixth site project. This release is for the "Regular Version," which features 25 .mp3 tracks over two discs. A few days from now, possibly towards the end of January, a special edition will be released containing extra tracks and bonus material; it will feature a third data disc and also lossless music. Chrono Symphonic is available here. Interviews with the entire staff and all remixers involved are also available at the Chrono Compendium. To celebrate, rom hackers have also released version 2.0 of the Chrono Trigger Coliseum. Happy listening!
  10. Kudos to the remixers; especially Darkesword and Sleepy Emp; I really dig your tracks. My site is going to get HAMMERED.
  11. Yeah, back in May I hosted a lot of interviews on my site for the remixers. I've been making an attempt to finalize em.
  12. What are you guys takling about, exactly? The site looked fine to me -- minimalistic and well arranged.
  13. Darkesword's Crono's Dream. I can't lie; it will have the Ocean Palace in there.
  14. If anyone is in contact with Unknown, he is the last person I need for an interview. The new Extravaganza is almost complete; all the remixers have added new questions, and the ones who were left out of May's Extravaganza are featured now.
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