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  1. check it out let me know what you think - added some FX - nothing too fancy. original:
  2. nothing special as far as effects go - added some claps and some snares with some kicks Original:
  3. What do you guys think of this arrangement/remix - i sped up the chops, added some filters and effects. Original:
  4. I know its not OC remix standard but I promise i will buy some new software that will allow to create a true remix. until then - enjoy these hip-hop variations OCremix - i hope its cool that i post these
  5. althought not a true remix ( i learned that a few days ago and OC i will master this! hip hop version of despair and hope
  6. thank you so much for your feedback. Been on The site for several years. Started mixing recently. I sample more, lol your not the first person to tell me but I always try to keep the original intact. I'm still learning a ton I started truly mixing 6 months ago. But I will work on your feedback and apply it. Thank you. And thanks for patience with me posting multiple tracks. I never used the forum. Thank you again
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