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game vs hip hop - Dragon Quest VIII - Traveling with Wagon (the journey begins remix!)

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It's certainly a very nice west-coast remix. I get the concept and what you're trying to go for, and I do like it, but it's not the kind of remix that we can usually give feedback on. At least for me anyway. There's very little room to make new arrangements in heavily-sampled hiphop remixes I think. So I don't exactly know how to give feedback for this particular style.

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Agreeing with Just Coffee that this one is hard to evaluate. Yes, it's true to the source, but where is the creative license that makes it different enough to be considered a ReMix? Not saying there's anything wrong with this track, but it would be difficult to get past the OCR judges without adding lyrics or an arrangement, as JC mentioned. Just my two cents as someone who's listened to a lot of ReMixes, but who has yet to submit a track myself.

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