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  1. ok, i got it memorized, sorry for the delays, geeze im such a dumbass
  2. Listen to me. You had it. It doesn't matter how it looks on your computer when you open it. The bottom line is, the file IS a JPG which you've renamed to a TXT file for the sole purpose of using it on geocities. Yes, when you rename the jpg as a txt file, it'll open Notepad and show you code. That's SUPPOSED to happen. Upload the renamed file to your geocities account and try linking it to a post. HERE, we'll be able to see the image as an image even though it's a TXT file. Try it here. ok yes, as soon as that came up i asked him to do it and he did just for the hell of it, it didn't even come
  3. this pic maybe just too damn big, or i can't do anything right, ive tried it all
  4. No.The capitalization is simply for me to point out the error. Okay, the problem now is that you have a new version of Windows. When the file is on your computer, is recognizes the ".jpg" extension and hides it. Hence, when you rename it, you have the "psycho.txt.jpg". It's now simply calling the jpg "psycho.txt" Here's what you need to do: -Open the folder with the file you wish to change -Click on "Tools" in the Menu bar (NOTE: I'm being told Windows XP is "Tools", earlier versions of Windows might either be "Folder" or "View") -Click "Folder Options" -Select the "View" tab -Under "Files
  5. TO ALL NEWBIES: Help me help you. It REALLY helps if you READ the help thread. Please, I put a lot of work into it. All your answers are in the very first post. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. That's what it's there for. Now, f.o.d., just like the person right above your post, your problem lies here: [img=http://www.GEOCITIES.com/gaiamaster2003/psycho.JPG] As I've stated, Geocities requires you to change the file extention from a JPG to a TXT. Change the file extention, upload it to your account and input it as such: [img=http://www.geocities.com/gaiamaster2003/psycho.TXT] Try again here, and I'll
  6. could someone tell me what im doing wrong to try and find this sorry, but you'll have to go to quote to find out
  7. one question before you continue, are you on hard mode or normal
  8. the hardest boss ive ever faced was the one in secret of evermore who the hell knows what his name is doesn't really matter he has three forms wait no, FOUR first there is kindo of a defense system for him that you have to beat (easy) then he makes enemies that are really hard to kill, do a lot of damage, luckily easy to dodge (moderate) here is the part i really got stuck on he sends a boss youve already beat and has thousands of more hp with harsh attacks that some are immpossible to dodge (hard) then if that's not enough, somehow he sends a kickass machine after you that can kill you in two
  9. not that it really matters in this thread but one of the easiest FINAL bosses ive ever faced (without cheating) is megaman juno in megaman 64. all i do is hold the z trigger, run around in circle, shoot at him, and jump over his attacks. it may look unskilled, but it's easier and not a cheat.
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