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  1. Sup everyone, Thanks alot for the great reviews and criticism. To tell you the truth, I think it's a bit repetitive too. Actually I wrote this track about the same time I wrote "Kasugano Booty Mix". Anyways, thanks again. Marc Star
  2. I'm glad people like this track. There seemed to be mixed feelings on my last remix. I've submitted my next mix (hope it gets posted soon). Thanks for the reviews!! MarcStar
  3. Sup, Thanks for the support and criticism weither you liked it or hated it. I personally like the drums on the track, they were the most fun part to program(no loops). I do see what you mean by the 16 bit feel tho. Ah well, I love to do this stuff so im gonna try to keep 'em coming.
  4. Thanks for the good reviews so far, I'm working on another as we speak. I'm enjoying doing these remixes and im gonna keep them coming!!
  5. I appreciate the constructive criticism, but i think its a pretty good job for the 40minutes it took me to make this song. I could write a whole symphonic medoly on the square toons but i don't have the time because im busy finishing my fourth year as a composition student in college. But whenever I have the time I will keep throwing these remixes at you. Prophecy I would love to hear some of your pieces sometimes maybe I can help you out or something. Btw, its a bamboo flute not an ocarina. Thank you everyone for all of your support again.
  6. Hey, I just want to thank everyone for listening to my remix. Thanks Especially for giving it pretty good reviews. I didn't want to be too daring on my first remix here, but I'll do something different for the next one. Thanks again!!!!!
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