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  1. Excellent show guys, really enjoyed it. Don't worry if you were unprepared, it certainly didn't come across! Perfect guest for the first ever "No Tune Unturned" section considering the support John's been giving over the years through exposure on Twitch/YouTube and Patreon. Thought I'd leave my thoughts on the new interview style in case it helps to cement the format. I really liked how the music tied in to what was being discussed at the time, though I struggled to hear a lot of them as they were very quiet under the talking. Perhaps a segment of each could be cut into natural pauses in the conversation, so we get a chance to hear them for a while (30-60 seconds perhaps? Not sure how limited you are on time) before the conversation moves onto another topic. Perhaps a format similar to 'Desert Island Discs' could work here, in which the interviewee introduces a few tracks they picked out and the reasons they chose them. Just a few ideas. I enjoyed it either way and look forward to seeing how it progresses!
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