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  1. On 27/7/2016 at 5:08 PM, Rozovian said:

    It's not good if it's boring, DMT.

    I hoped I wouldn't agree, but it _is_ a little boring. The drums, the thick synths... it's the same intensity for most of the song. It could have more variation in dynamics. That comes from both the writing, the sound design, and the mix. For example, you can leave the rest the same and just take the drums to half-tempo. Or you can drop out the pads for a bit. You can filter out all the bass for a bit. You can have a big delay-y breakdown at some point. Or any combination of these and other variations. It keeps the track from getting boring when things happen in the dynamics. I don't think the track needs a tempo increase, but something as subtle as 1-2 BPM more can make a big difference in how the track feels. That's in case changes to the dynamics don't do enough.

    I like the general sound design. I'm a sucker for old synth sounds. The one exception might be the lead synth, which gets a little whiny at times. You could use a second lead for some parts, for variation.

    Cool stuff.

    Thanks for the advice. This remix is just a test for the Final Countdown Synths

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