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  1. ratchet & clank remixes continues now from up your arsenal.. one of my favorites soundtrack enjoy a new obani gemini pollux
  2. Hey, i haved time for a new game remix. now comes a 2nd remix from the ratchet & clank series. this time from the r&c 2 planet dobbo testing facility. hope you like it
  3. Yeah, another game remix! This time a older childhood fav game "Fury3" that was released by Microsoft in 1995. The soundtrack is really awesome. Enjoy the first mission, planet terran in a new version:)
  4. re-working my 2nd remix of foregone destruction (2016) i didn't like it that much the previous mix and i added more details from the original. my first remix was published in 2012 under mellow sonic.
  5. Hey my new Album Transcending Consciousness is now released!! Buy or Stream on Bandcamp and Spotify! Enjoy the full Album Bandcamp: https://synesthesics.bandcamp.com/album/transcending-consciousness
  6. hey, after my kraid's lair remix I thought about another metroid remix with themes: secret area & ridley's lair enjoy
  7. Time for a 2nd remix of the dos game Skyroads (1993). yeah Road 8 Music was my fav and i love the melodies . the first version was then drum n bass and created in 2013 via mellow sonic. Now a little more faithful to the original. Enjoy
  8. Now a another game remix. Yea i have now also ratchet and clank for me and the game is fucking awesome \o/ as well as the soundtrack by david bergeaud. Soo here my first r&c remix from the level oltanis orbit gemlik base new re-interpreted.. i think more r&c Remixes coming soon as well when i have time Enjoy
  9. hey Back with a new game remix. I did not know the Ps2 version. The menu theme is really good, only too short. So i remixed this longer enjoy.
  10. yoo final with this piece enjoy the trip the result a sci fi dnb with futuristic sounds enjoy
  11. Hey.. Back with a new Atmospheric Trancey Drum n Bass Tune! Enjoy The Spacey/Fantasy Trip
  12. hey i had time again, for a new game remix here a brand new game remix from the classc game donkey kong country... it will be time to revive the old mood. hope you like it ..enjoy
  13. yeah a bit to late for unreal's 20th anniversary but better now than never now finally finished unreal main title (ending) loved this part and this is now my 2nd remix after dusk horizon from unreal game ost original by alexander brandon & michiel van den bos hope you like it cheerz and enjoy
  14. hey there here new stuff now a epic goa trance enjoy btw maybe planning a new goa trance album?? more infos later..
  15. yoyo the oldskool project has a name i changed this in a high quality version yeah new oldskool :D.. and i think this is a great need for speed menu theme enjoy
  16. finally a 2nd remix of knosses here my first remix..
  17. here a track from my mellow sonic project in a new cinematic edit enjoy
  18. back with a new sci fi tune.. now a halfstep dnb track with some spacey melodies download on my archives https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/track/redshift
  19. back with a another remix, this time from extreme g3 menu theme.. no idea who the performer is, but i think this is the only unlicensed artist .. the other race music tracks are all by licensed artists...loved this theme and remind me on the first extreme g menu theme enjoy
  20. hey guys whats up ? I had a bit of time again for new sounds.. enjoy
  21. hey I now continue the extreme g soundtrack the first extreme g is now completed download free on my bandcamp https://synesthesics.bandcamp.com/album/extreme-g-revised and here my 2 new remixes from extreme g2 Nintendo 64 Version (more and download coming soon) enjoy
  22. yoo back with a new game remix this time with a classic game for NES Metroid! Kraid's Lair hope you like it.. enjoy download coming soon.
  23. hey guys here come's my new version of aquila 303 by rom di prisco..my first mellow sonic mix is from 2014... now i added some more details from original.... enjoy the real need for speed music
  24. hey whats up ? finally complete my remixes from extreme g this appeared in 1997 for nintendo 64, the soundtrack is by simon robertson & stephen root, hope you like it, cheerz & enjoy download on my bandcamp https://mellowsonic.bandcamp.com/album/extreme-g-revised check out
  25. hey there time for present my new album V O I D is forthcoming on my Bandcamp and Cosmicopia, This is a 77-minute album full of SciFI/Cyberpunk-themed sounds from industrial/psy-dnb/psy-breaks, downbeat and ambient you can now pre-order on my Bandcamp full release on July 25, 2017 https://synesthesics.bandcamp.com/album/v-o-i-d check the teaser https://soundcloud.com/synesthesics/void-teaser 1. Arrival 2. Mind Machines 3. Cyclotron 4. Mecha Dreams 5. Artificial Gravity 6. Dreadnought 7. Hybrid Technology 8. Neurotransmitter 9. EMP 10. V O I D
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