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  1. Remix Source: Made this for MnP119 a while back. Unfortunately I lost the current draft of this remix, with an older version that has some interesting problems. Might come back to "update" it later. But eh, I think the current work I did is good enough for now. Enjoy!
  2. Here's the first mix of the year - and here's to a safe and productive year for all.
  3. https://youtu.be/Cso-oqInw5k This is my very first remix of a theme that's originally from Game Boy. Since my last two remixes (from Earthbound and A Link To The Past) I kind of got stuck in combining more than one song in one remix, it put much creativity into works and makes it a bit more challenging. This remix contains three songs from Kirby's Dream Land, and I have built the remix as follows: 0:00 - Mt Dedede intro 0:38 - Roasted Sweet Potato Shooting & Title theme variation 0:49 - Title theme variation 1:00 - Mt Dedede 1:11 - New solo part (based on the Title theme) 1:33 - Mt Dedede 1:39 - Title theme variation 1:54 - Mt Dedede outro About the remix itself. It's has the highest bpm of any of my previous remixes: 179 bpm. Very fast and high paced, which in turn makes it quite intense. That is why some the parts in there plays in half tempo to calm things down a bit. I'm always true to the original pace which in this case is based on the theme of Mt Dedede. The bass line from the original was really awesome, so I put some work on it and developed it a bit further, then took it down to something more groovy and funky for the solo part and outro part. And speak of the solo part, I took some time to modify a new variation of my signature lead synth at 1:23 which I was really hyped about. I will use it much more in future remixes. Oh I forgot to mention the initial "crash" sound. That is an original SFX from Kirby's Dream Land which plays when you're flying on the star towards Mt Dedede and crashes into the castle at the top of the mountain.
  4. Hi all, I'm proud to announce that my latest album, "Metroid: Organ Transplants" has entered the final stage of video production and is about to be released on Youtube, ContreBombarde and as free downloadable CD/DVD images around the New Years Day. What started out as an "accidental recording", over the past two months has grown into a personal tribute to the most stunning orchestral OC remixes attributed to the Metroid franchise: My third orchestra+organ play-along album contains nine OC remixes by various artists, all of them in a similar style, as if the original composers would have had a silent agreement that, one day, these pieces were intended to be put together. The glue between all of the tracks is suggested by the album title — they're all enhanced and backed by a three-manuals French-Romantic Cavaillé-Coll pipe organ, which I added on top by playing along in two live sessions (yes, I love plays on words, hence the album title). This adds even more drama, gravity and a bunch of particular highlights. Since the additional pipe organ track was recorded in 7.1 surround, the original OC remixes, which served as the re-remixing basis, were also upgraded to 7.1 to fit the setup. The recording and mixing process, credits research, video material research, storybook and composition, album art, media production, etc. took about three months of spare-time work — definitely my most ambitious project so far and an interesting first contact with DAWs in general and Ardour 6 in particular. The album will be available for download via my discography at http://en.wpoa.de/WPOA-MOT as a stereo CD image, as a DVD image with both a 5.1 surround sound and a 2.0 stereo track including a full 45min video cut of Metroid gameplay, cutscenes and artwork created by other people on the web (let's call it "the movie cut"), in lossless FLAC format with 7.1 channels (the "golden master") and will be accompanied by PDFs with cover/inlay/label artwork, separately for both the CD and DVD, which I put together for personal hardcopies that I usually give away to friends and family as a gift. Track list: Putting Down On Zebes (by Protricity, part of https://ocremix.org/album/3) Footprints On Zebes (by Slimy, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03306) Kraid Begins (by AJiLe, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01890) The Crimson Depths, (by Sam Dillard, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02275) Into The Green World (by Sam Dillard, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02515) Beyond The Glass (by Sam Dillard, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02927) Mother Brain Suite (by Beckett007, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01675) The Galaxy Awaits (by Nutritious, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01804) Mission Complete: Ending Suite (by Sam Dillard, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02648) The following album teaser video is available on my channel. Once the release is prepared, this thread will be updated with the final link to the YouTube premiere of the full album video (stereo only, since YT still doesn't support surround sound in their audio tracks). I'm eager to know what you think about it -- and, hopefully, I'm going to meet at least some of the original remixers at the premiere! Hope you'll enjoy the show!
  5. https://youtu.be/DwJLgB_wPc8 I played this game quite early when it was released on SNES, but I never actually made a complete playthrough, so when I listen to this theme after this many years I have no memory of it. What really made me love it now afterwards was the rare time signature you hardly ever hear in video game music - 7/8. I know a lot of people don't know what it means, and it doesn't matter (I won't go into explaining it), it sounds really cool in this theme. I added a couple of more recognizable melodies from A Link To The Past as well - a variation of the Dark World theme and a variation of the Overworld theme/Hyrule field. I hope it made the remix more interesting and lively! This is how I sectioned my remix: 0:00 - Ganon Battle 0:45 - Dark World variation 0:59 - Ganon Battle (reprise) 1:23 - Overworld variation 2:13 - Ganon Battle (ending) And if you've listened through the whole Overworld variation part you should have noticed I changed the time signature to an ordinary 4/4 during a short while, just to get that groovy vibe. It's always an immense amount of nostalgia that hits me whenever I hear music from A Link To The Past, it was so popular and great when it came. And until today it's at least as great, and will be forever. It's a timeless story within a timeless and magical fantasy world you could relive at any time, and also kind of relive in its sequels
  6. Still working on my Salt Flats mix among others but I like to do little things like this when I need a break or inspiration. I'm actually really happy how the choir worked out. For Christmas I got Soundiron's Mars and Venus choirs (from myself 😅) but haven't had a chance to put the legato patches to the test. Still need practice but I think they fit the track well enough.
  7. Another VGM Frenchcore remix of mine! 🤘 This time it's "Zone A" theme from "Chip and Dale" on NES. Obviously this track isn't for all ears, but what the hell? I like it! 😜 Say CHEEEEEEESE! 😁
  8. My very old remix of the main theme of the NES game "Alien 3". Even though it was released in 2015, I am still proud of this work! 🤘
  9. Marvel Super Heroes isn't quite as well remembered as it's predecessor, X-Men: Children of the Atom, or successor, the Marvel vs. Capcom games, but I think it is the standout title in Capcom's series, not only in terms of gameplay and roster, but musically as well Among my favorite themes is Psylocke's stage theme. It's stylistically similar to Psylocke's previous theme from XMCOTA, but has a more upbeat chord progression. As such, I thought it'd be super fun to turn Psylocke's theme into a Deep House track (I love dancing!!). Yuki Iwai, the original theme's composer, did such a great job giving Psylocke's theme such a danceable rhythm, reminiscent of the Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack. As always, I had fun creating this remix. I hope you all have even more fun listening to it! Song Title: "From Atop a Moonlit Train" (Psylocke Theme Remix) Originally Composed By: Yuki Iwai Arranged and Performed By: The Native Dialect BPM: 144 Style: Deep House Hardware: M1 MacBook Air Software: GarageBand, Audacity From Atop a Moonlit Train Source
  10. https://youtu.be/Lyli7Ld4AYE I finally decided to go through with Balrog's theme from Street Fighter! This is such a good tune, I love the original for its easy form and potential to experiment with. I went towards an 80s disco style and had to go through with a key signature transposition to get the result I wanted, a bit tricky but it went well. The original has a nice groove I tried to stay close to, and the melodies are so easy to remember that they stay in your head long after the song has ended. I had so many ideas for this one, I just hope I chose one worthy and exciting! As I mentioned I went towards an 80s disco style, I really got the vibes from a late friday night out with the boys, drunk on life (and alcohol) just dancing that last dance before an unknown after party emerges. And during the after party, this groove goes on until early morning. Maybe you hooked up with a pretty girl (or boy) lying on a grass hill, holding hands and watching the starry sky getting more and more illuminated by the first morning sunrays. Cheers for a new day and for that old days we remember so dearly! And may there be peace once again. /Neon X
  11. Hi, This is my first post here. I normally concentrate on Commodore 64 remixes over at RKO/Remix 64. This one is a little different as it spans 3 generations of hardware into this weird synth prog rock hybrid, covering bits of: Gauntlet III - C64 Plok (Akrillic) - SNES Gauntlet III - Amiga The opening and first bridge is me riffing on Time Trax from the Genesis for bonus Follin points! Hope you like it!
  12. Hi everyone, Last year, my parents-in-law had a very special birthday present for me: They organised an appointment with the resident organist at St. Stephan, Tangermünde, Germany, where I had the honor to play one of Europe's most important and famous historic pipe organs --- The 1624 Scherer organ! This organ is one of the most important historical organs in Europe and features some peculiarities of that time, like a short octave and a (1/4th-comma, IIRC) mean-tone temperament, as it was pretty common back in that era. Luckily, among a number of other recordings, an improvisation on the "Song of Time" from "The Legend of Zelda -- Ocarina of Time" did find its way to my Zoom H6n digital recorder...so, enjoy this rare and unusual piece of VGM "remix", just the way "it was meant to be 400 years ago"! Find out more about the organ at the organ restorer's website and Wikipedia: https://www.schuke.de/?projects=tangermunde-st-stephan-germany&lang=en https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Stephen's_Church,_Tangermünde
  13. https://youtu.be/VK50lMp9bEM I am finally taking on something from EarthBound! A really cool and unique RPG from the SNES console which is the sequel to the Japan release Mother on NES from 1989. I think the rest of the world gained access to this as late as 2015 through Wii U Vitrual Console but by the name of EarthBound Beginnings. As I mentioned in my teaser post, I feel the similarity between this and the Netflix show Stranger Things are not a coincidence, but who knows. Starting with the intention of just working on the Onett theme and the chill casual feels, I was kind of surprised when the Home Sweet Home theme kept coming to my mind. I thought I should try to combine them both in one song which in my opinion actually worked very well. Also a nice variation from the Onett theme that's originally not very long. 0:00 - Onett's theme 1:08 - Home, Sweet Home 1:58 - Onett's theme (reprise) So did I play this game? Yeah I did, but far from complete. I think I have played it to beat the first boss, but not more than that, which is kind of lame. But it falls into my To-Play-Some-Day list without any doubt. Please tell me your stories about this game and the memories you have connected to it! What do you feel and think of when you listen to this? Thanks for listening and reading!
  14. Hi everybody! Here is a new arrangement of some Undertale themes woven together to create an Orchestral Rhapsody!
  15. Made a remix to Spring Yard Zone! Not sure if it's a hiphop or funky remix, or something else. Eitherway, would love your overall feedback on the song. What you enjoy, and what you'd recommend for modifications to make it better. https://youtu.be/DOxI9B8pq8
  16. Another day, another FFVIII mix lol. I dunno what it is about this soundtrack but I have done more songs for it than anything. Anywho, I was going to make this a full mix but I think its run its course in my mind and I've not much else left for it. It helped get me out of a funk of not completing a song though! Hope there is something in there that you find enjoyable.
  17. A modern, dreamy and airy remix of the main menu theme of the SNES version of Sim City with piano, strings, synths and drums! It will always be my favorite version of Sim City. The nintendo soundtrack had something very special and comforting about it.
  18. https://youtu.be/CKcqx6JwrkM Since I'm almost a pure Nintendo player, the Sega world is kind of new, except for Sonic of course. But I never really played anything else from Sonic than the very first game, so Sonic 2 is new in every way for me. I was very surprised by the soundtrack, every song has so much potential! And there were some songs I just couldn't let go of, Chemical Plant was one of them. And I will grab more for sure! I would say this one goes under blues, funk, maybe fusion of some kind, and I really took advantage of those genres by tweaking my synthesizers to sound like instruments used regurarly in those genres. Dry, fast, max attack, not much effects except for the lead with some delay, and the bass with a heavy chorus effect (just like some of the 80s synth basses which I love). I wanted the remix to be very recognizeable from the original in many parts, but with some enhanced harmonies and fills from new composed lines. And then a completely new section - I'm not sure how I came up with it, it often just starts with one chord off from the original and then my head is spinning loose with countless ideas of which I just grab one and write down. For some reason I took some inspiration from Dream Theater starting at 1:22 - I think I would refer to it as an John Petrucci part where all things calms down, the tempo goes down to half and there are these extended tones from his singing guitar playing a beautiful melodic solo, maybe along in harmony with Jordan Rudess' wizard like keyboard play. The chords kind of follows how Petrucci would have wrote them too. Overall I just loved working on this song, the original is so catchy and fun. Really love this style and tried to extend it as much as I could without trashing the original too much. I already got suggestions on other Sonic themes, but would love to have some more. And if you know any more songs in this particular style I would be very interested in hearing them. /Neon X
  19. https://youtu.be/HZ9iIudnJOQ I really didn't plan to grab this theme right now, but for some reason I kept on listening to it a lot and couldn't resist. It's really great, and there are some clear similarities between this and the MK8 Rainbow Road theme. Due to the already complicated harmonies and theme melodies I didn't want to bring that much of my own composition into this one, I kept close to the original with some restyling. And wow, it does happen a lot in this one, such a great original composition. At some points I thought "do these chords really work together?", and when I listened to it after finish writing that particular line it really sounded great! I had many wow moments and I'm happy I chosed this song. Fun story related to Mario Kart Wii: At my bachelor party back in May 2014, my brother, some cousins and close friends made my day a Mario Kart day. First off was the gokart racing with real gokarts on a real course (I sucked by the way), and damn was that fun! I had to dress up like Mario with that red/blue plumber outfit, a mario hat and fake moustache. Afterwards we had a BBQ party at a friend's house followed by a Mario Kart Wii tournament, paralleled by a Track & Field (NES) tournament. During the video game tournaments we had a lot of shots and good drinks, and you can imagine how good we were at Mario Kart after a couple of hours. When we were done video gaming we went out on a club meeting up with the bachelorette party for my wife (!!!) which was the perfect timing and ending of that night. Maybe the best day of my life! I dedicate this wonderful song to that night, and all the people that made it happen. Thank you!
  20. Updated!! Remix Sources: Went for a slightly campy two-source meddley of these themes. Hope you guys dig it!
  21. This is a collection of my solo piano covers of my favorite video game music. From Sim City to Silent Hill 2 - I hope I can share some nostalgia with you, let me know if you like the covers. Timestamps in the videodescription!
  22. https://youtu.be/O4oWq4ockIQ I have been really scared of remixing/covering this classic and timeless song. It's so easy to ruin it that any changes could be devastating. I'm still afraid I have broke it, but I hope not! First of all the soundscape that the original has is so fragile, and by having that in mind I made sure to keep my sounds very close to that, but with much higher bitrate of course since it's SNES we're talking about. However, the sound quality in DKC is unbelievably high for a SNES game. I just took my standard synthesizer setup and started modify and tweak them to make all instruments sound quite close to the original. Except the piano, I changed it for a pluck sound from my Obsession synth. About my composition of this. As you can hear I kept really close to the original to begin with, adding some small changes. For example, I added a "real" beat and all melodies are playing with my signature lead synth. What was more interesting in composing this was how I could leave the original completely and take on another path. So I laborated with a splash sound to represent me diving from the original into my own composition, then immediately adding a bubbling underwater effect to continue with an introduction to a Mega Man-ish melody with the pluck synth. Dashing into a double time beat and the Mega Man melody I hold the intensity steady and then release it into a psychedelic synthwave groove, a bit like the groove I use at the end of my Bloody Tears remix. If you listen more carefully I use the original arpeggio in the background (the first you hear in this song) in this last section but change it over the chord's harmony. When I listen to this remix, I feel I can make so many more variations of it. Some day I might do an Aquatic Ambience suite or something.
  23. https://youtu.be/uPIZuvyO5KI This is my first ever attempt at doing something with a swing song, and I kind of look at this remix as an introduction in fusing my style with swing. That is why I kind of left out my usual original sections. The more I get into swing though, I will be able to compose original sections that extend the originals in a proper way. The biggest challenge was indeed the rhythm, took some time to adjust to that. Then also the jazzy chords that fills the original with cool harmonies. As I have explained earlier in my remixing, I transcribe everything by ear which simply means I listen to the original and write the song from what I hear. In this case it was a hard challenge because of the swing rookie I am. If you listen to the other half of the remix you'll hear at least something Neon X original - the solo. I felt quite satisfied with that, it gave the remix something new and different. Besides all that, my beat is not the same as the original, the bass and the rhythm synth as well. I'm really motivated in trying out more themes within the swing genre. For example from Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island. Actually most Mario games contains more or less swing themes. I hope you like what you hear folks, the swing is really a new side of my remixes. /Neon X
  24. https://youtu.be/JSjXXrYRHHk My first sub 2 minute remix, but still contains so many elements and variations. This could also be the most fun song I ever took under my wings. With the original reggae style I could easily add jazz and some blues elements, and spice it up with a pinch of synthwave. SMB3 was (and still is I think) my favourite Super Mario game so far. But then I haven't even played any Super Mario from the 21st century except New Super Mario Bros for Wii U. SMB3 on NES and on SNES All Stars was so much joy and they hold so many memories from those days. The soundtrack is timeless and simple yet so memorable and fresh, I could imagine me remixing the whole SMB3 OST some day. Some of the "easter eggs" in this remix: After the solos the SMB3 Underwater theme intro is used but restyled - 1:32 And at the end of the Underwater theme the SMB3 "Enter level" sound is played with a lot of reverb, but pitched down a whole tone to fit the key signature - 1:34 I used african skin percussive together with GameBoy drums on several parts I hope you enjoy listen to this, I really enjoyed creating it. And if it goes well I definitely will do more of this kind. There are many Super Mario themes that could apply for this style. /Neon X
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