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  1. https://youtu.be/q3skfM-cH9Y A game I almost forgot until a couple of years was Little Nemo Dream Master. The first stage, Mushroom Forest, had such an unforgetable theme and it brings back both feelings and memories I also think it has this melancholic amtosphere which I believe comes from the harmony in the chords that's used. Another thing I loved with this stage was the big mushrooms and enemies lurking around in that dark forest. It really fits into what is supposed to mimic the dreams of Nemo. Of course I remember one more thing, this game was dead hard. I didn't manage to get through many stages, but I really wish I had because I heard the ending is great. Did you guys beat this game? As you can hear I made some difference in the chord progression in the first section, starting with minor chords instead of major. It gave a bit of a new atmosphere with just a little distance to the original. The bass line is very influenced by one of my favourite synthwave artists/producers - Mitch Murder. Listen to the song Assembly Line and you hear nothing but perfection in sense of production, mixing and quality. The perfect reference music if you're looking for a clean sound. I hope that I could come close to that some day! I was fooling around with a distorted lead sound during the creation of this remix, and at the same time was a bit inspired by metal (which I listened to a lot in the past). This resulted in the section starting at 1:11 (right after a heavy metal inspired solo) with double bass drums following what sounds like down tuned distorted guitars/basses in a not so common but hot rhythm. The forest ambience sound is found on freesound.org and contributes to the total atmosphere of forestness. I hope you enjoy this one! Maybe not a very common game, but I played it at some friends houses and liked the music back then as much as I do now. Hope it can bring back some memories of yours too! /Neon X
  2. Hi everybody! Here is the newest arrangement, it's Skyloft from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, in a full-scale arrangement, written to capture the pastoral, peaceful nature of Skyloft! Enjoy!
  3. Finished an EP a while ago of all the tracks from Axelay. It started as a for fun project and kinda ballooned out from there. Hope you enjoy it! (I put it up for free download on bandcamp, and it's also on youtube as well which is here if you prefer that over soundcloud) Full playlist is here on soundcloud:
  4. https://youtu.be/dFGHPBSCf8U Hey guys! This was a really delayed remix due to IRL schedule being too much lately. I'm never satisfied with some of my remixes and could rewrite or add new stuff for months before feeling that it is complete. But we all know we need to leave some ideas behind and just be happy with what we got at the moment. I'm suspecting this could be a song I'll come back to in the future when I really starting re-remixing my older songs. Starting just like the original with part 8-bit drums, and part ordinary drums. Then halfing the already fast tempo by adding my usual snare and taking back the 8-bit one. Then when the original loop ends I've added a fresh solo/melody over the original chord progression. After that I take the intensity down a bit with a Steely Dan inspired part followed by my usual atmospheric part (where I use one of my latest syntesizers for that tenor sax) with a smooth jazz-ish section. Back to the original chord progression with a solo that's actually a melody from the original song. You can hear it in the background a bit in with an oboe sounding brass instrument (not sure exactly what instrument it's supposed to be). I end the remix by repeating the main theme followed by strings and tenor sax at descending tempo.
  5. Made a cover of Ard Skellig Village that goes a bit orchestral Sad the original isn’t on the OST!
  6. I did some months ago a orchestral cover of the Castle/Fortress theme from Super Mario World, I like it, but I need a opinion from people who knows better about music arranging. Thanks! Any opinion or suggestions will be appreciated https://youtu.be/MYQcKWk6vNE
  7. one of the most underrated and best NES soundtracks of all time at first i started with a couple of tracks but kept going and eventually re-created the entire soundtrack my favorite tracks are "mt. sabre" (of course), "underground rivers," and the actual final boss batlle "DYNA," although my version definitely plays out longer than the 5 seconds it takes to beat the boss in real life heh hope you enjoy https://bixlee.bandcamp.com/album/selections-from-crystalis
  8. Back at it again - 1st mix of the year.
  9. This is my recreation of the Save Room Theme (Rest) from Resident Evil 0. In this i made 3 different "scenarios" of the melody. 🎧
  10. Yeah, the remix name kinda sucks. Couldn't think of a better one. Oh well. Source Tunes Remixed: Item Room, Lower Norfair, Upper Norfair.
  11. Saxophone Quartet! Track: https://dodarchive.dwellingofduels.net/23-03-Spinoffs/08-Lucas Guimaraes%2C Charles Ritz%2C Jess Destramp%2C Thomas Kresge%2C Daniel Caton-Final Fantasy Tactics-A Chronicle of Ivalice-DoD.mp3 Original Track: Please let me know anything I can fix up before sending it over for OCR Review
  12. It's been forever since I posted here. I'm happy to be back and doing what I enjoy again. I want share a rough draft of one of my newest projects. It is a chillhop remix of Aria Math from Minecraft. It feels kind empty now, but I have a lot to add. Please check it out and let me know what you think of it so far. Original song: Remix: https://soundcloud.com/notux-1/minecraft-blue-magic-aria-math?si=eaee29497a5c437c93ae5b7d1b58f14d&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  13. I'm surprised we don't have any more Zelda games tossing him FAR into the future...Not like BoW, but like couple of millennia or so.
  14. Hi everyone! Here's the latest upload to YouTube, the Bridal Waltz from Dragon Quest V! Enjoy!
  15. This is a short little remix of the Map Screen from Yoshi's Island. I decided to experiment a bit to create a mix that was mostly inspired by a recent album release from one of my favorite groups, Major Lazer. I have a love for African music and Afro-beat, so I though I'd give it a try myself.
  16. One of my all time favourite video game ost. Finally had the courage to turn this into a remix. I always loved these metal percussions in Mining Melancholy, so I preserved the original metals loop for this remix (not sure, if it disqualifies me for submission). Best regards
  17. https://youtu.be/FYVmcrusVok Quick remix with a new synthesizer that combines and resurrects the sounds of the tape replay keyboard Chamberlin (from the 1950s) and the Mellotron (one of the first samplers). Starting with that classic guitar arpeggio we all remember from Kakariko Village, I used the sound of a 12-string dreadnought guitar. First melody section is played by a tenor saxohpone, very 1950-60s. I couldn't resist putting in some drum beats here and there. Second melody section is played by a clarinet and a flute, backed up by an ambient harp. Then a simple short solo with my signature lead before ending the song with another ambient harp playing melody over that first same ambient harp. I tried to end it with the feeling and vibes of a lullaby. That's why I chose the background art, made by a cool guy from DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/rainbowphilosopher Ocarina of Time had an initial experience I don't think any game after could achieve. It was that groundbreaking technical and graphical step everyone had been waiting for. We all had dreamed of a Zelda adventure in an (almost) open world 3D game. Ocarina of Time fulfilled many of our dreams. Critics we're amazed, players we're having their time of their lives, saving Zelda and facing Ganon was on a whole new level now. I too experienced this, from loving A Link To The Past so much, into this was just amazing. I don't think there ever have been a jump of experience from an era to another like it was from SNES to N64. So much happened here. This remix was not intended to go as one of my ordinary releases, just like a fooling-around-with-a-new-synthesizer. I hope you like it anyway guys! Good night, Neon X
  18. https://youtu.be/dRG3V8c1j4M An incredible underrated theme from the latest DKC that was released on Super Nintendo back in the days. I invested in a symphonic synthesizer a while ago. This is the first song I use it for where all strings, harps and xylophones comes from that. The style of this remix is really standing out from the rest you're used to hear from me. It's more inspired by my classical and cinematic side, which really is what I've grown up with since both my parents practiced classical music. I wanted to try it out for a variation to the synthwave I usually do. I hope this can set you in the mood it was intended for - mystical, beautiful and haunting. DKC3 is an amazing edition among Donkey Kong games, even without the musical genious of David Wise in this piece, Eveline Fischer did such a good job in finding the atmosphere and harmony for an underwater stage. One of my favourite underwater themes out there, no doubt. I focused a lot on the chords and harmony in this one, which is best represented from 1.30 until the end which I especially wish for you guys to listen to, it's for you! When I listen to it myself I realize I took much inspiration from the cinematic music of Skyrim
  19. https://youtu.be/DFi1biixRFY It took some guts for me to start creating this. The song is kinda hard and I wanted to stay really close to the original since it's already so good and chill. Everytime I see or read something about Secret of Mana this song pops up in my head instantly along with Into The Thick if It (which I might actually do soon as well). My biggest challenge with this one was the drums, both rhythmically and soundwise. I tweaked, adjusted EQ, tone, and kind of everything else. But I'm happy how they turned out! Also that marimba lines, it took a while to find a good base instrument from which I modified to this current sound. It wasn't actually a marimba sound, it was more like a typical electronic pluck sound. However, it turned out quite good as well. I kept many of the instruments at a "dry" level, took away most reverb and delay, except from the lead melody. And then my fatter synthwave parts where the reverb and delay peaks at huge levels. I love reverb I also put an overdrive effect onto the bass which gave more life, more dang and way more punch. I liked that a lot and will be reusing that one a lot in future remixes! It was pure joy creating this one, I really love the original and hope you like it too, the orignal as well as my remix.
  20. Hi everyone, First-timer here, I wanted to share this with you a long ago, now is the time.. This soundtrack/project is very special and dear to my heart about a game that I love so much: Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure ~Arranged Soundtrack~ Now remember, this game has no official Soundtrack, and that includes all versions (PC, SCD, SNES, GEN, JAG, etc...), my favorite is the SNES, followed closely by the Sega CD which is slightly a remix/high quality take on it It's not a Soundtrack that everyone remembers, for sure, it's not up there with the greatest or the most iconic OSTs, but, for some reason, I love it so much, that I was looking for the official release for years in vain, so I took upon myself, as a composer and a gamer, to create a real Soundtrack for the game, with modern instruments, longer arrangements, combining 2 versions, so basically Remixes! This playlist here contains the Super Mega Mix tracks that are a modern combination of the SNES versions with many elements from the amazing Sega CD/PC version, they are long on purpose I also did a "Making Of" documenting my story with the game and the creation of this Arranged Soundtrack, and a you can also find the SNES versions (shorter tracks based solely on the SNES soundtrack) all in my Youtube channel if you like Truly an underrated game and an underrated soundtrack for sure, that needs more love ! Thanks;
  21. https://youtu.be/w6l0ClbHUNo First thing, I actually mained Sagat for a while in SFIV when it was new, back in 2009-2010 ish. Loved that round house kick into ultra, and man did he hit hard. He was really strong in vanilla SFIV. Before starting this project on Sagat's theme I remembered since I was a kid that this song had this odd time signature, meaning you can't keep diggging to it like those straight beat songs. This goes into one of the most unusual time signatures ever heard in a video game song - 11/8. I knew from start that I was gonna change some chords here and there and keep the melody true to the original. I also knew I wanted to use the sharp marimbas I used in Distant Thunder (Secret of Mana). This is therefore applied here and there in this remix. This theme has a nice ambient touch to it, I love the pluck played in the background during most parts of the song. I found a pad sounding like a soft ambient horn which I modified to playing chords in some of the calm parts, and also remodified it to play some cool melody parts, for example the very last notes you hear in this remix. It took a while to put this together, not only because of the odd time signature, but also because the original is not very varying. I know I have done a lot with other songs without variation, but it was harder thanks to this time signature. Every bar is longer and the melody and ideas didn't come very natural (much easier with normal bars in time signatures like 4/4 or 3/4). But enough with that time signature, yes it did affect a lot. /Neon X
  22. Hey! This is my first time posting and also my first time making a game cover Thought I’d do a Metal version of “Pascal” from the NieR: Automata OST 🤘🏻
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