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  1. I decided to try a cover of this track to experiment transcribing and arranging source material slightly apart from what I'm usually comfortable with - this is mainly drawn from Masafumi Takada's Tokio Morishima theme from The Silver Case, with a passage from Erika Ito's DRIFT - Tokio's theme from the sequel, The 25th Ward. Any criticism would be incredibly helpful, but I'm particularly looking for feedback on especially problematic mixing and mastering issues - while I'm likely not returning to this particular piece, it'd be very useful to be more aware of the traps I'm falling into
  2. Please don't feel self-conscious about giving feedback, your impressions are definitely helpful. I agree with pretty much everything you've pointed out about the general structure - there's too many discrete pauses between sections, and changes in tempo and dynamics are often too abrupt. I'll have to work on that other section you pointed out more comprehensively as well, since the jarring acceleration is only one of its problems. I'll try to target those issues and potentially release an updated version if I manage to make any progress. I'll keep the mixing and production problems i
  3. I attempted an arrangement of the Sylvalum theme from Xenoblade X. Feedback on absolutely any part of it would be fantastic and incredibly helpful - I'd even just love to know what you see as its most obvious glaring weakness at a glance.
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