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  1. Can you review a review? No? Well, acting like the anarchistic son-of-a-bitch I am, I'll do it anyway! ;)

    That was the best review I've read here on the OCR forums. A lovely tribute to this, somewhat overlooked, remix. After reading, I can really understand your feelings towards this particular song, even if I can't say I share them with you. Nostalgia plays a big part in this.

    To mention Stockholm (home, sweet home), as a centre of slick producions, was nice touch too. :)

    About the song: Well. I like this one too. I remember playing Lemmings like a maniac. Eventually I had to accept being beaten by the game.

    Yet, I don't feel this special something that d0d0 speaks of. Only Monkey Island music can do that to me.

    To me, this is another well done remix.


  2. Yeah.. it IS very cool. Pretzel is definitely one of the best remixers here. I have to agree with Joe above, though. I think you can hear it's DJP's work from the first note. His latest works has been sorta similar (and I love them all). The electric piano is DJP's trademark. But also, take a listen to the drums, and compare them with the drums of Super Mario World SwankyVegas. Heheh, pretty similar, no? Even the basslines are very alike :)

    Don't take this for criticism. Like I said, DJP is one of my favourites here. Love Hurts, Pachelbels Ganon, SwankyVegas, and my all time favourite on this site: Actraiser FillMoreFunk, are all EXTREMELY good.

  3. I'm one of those who don't like the original Gerudo Valley song. It was sorta annoying. But still, I like the remixes of it on this site. Especially this one and pretzel's.

    Oh, and by the way. Is it just me or is the bass a bit, well, off-key? Not exactly off-key. More like out of tune. Sorta annoying. It gets more obvious towards the end (at 3:03 when it's only bass and guitar). Of course, it could be me being not too musical. That's probobly it. ;)

  4. Hey, it's not like anything he says can keep me from downloading his songs... I'm glad I got this one, because it rules.

    The intro got me thinking of 60's pop, or rather 90's pop trying to sound like 60's pop (you know, as in Fastball and stuff). That's probobly due to the cello. This one's very cool sounding. I love how the theme, whatever it's called, played on the el. piano is integrated with jazzy soloing.

    The accoustic guitar sounds convincing, but I could have lived without it...

    BTW, am I the only one who hears a irritating glitch at 02:42? It could be something with my file. I can try and downloading again.

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