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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! How could I have missed this one? Excellent!
  2. really cool mix. though i get very frustrated with the out of tune guitar. was that on purpose...? maybe to make it more... eerie. hmm. and pulp fiction is the best movie ever made.
  3. i love this one... didn't know it was on overclocked. i think i may be the one who recommended makke to submit it here. anyway. it rocks. kraftwerk rocks. and if you like this one, download makkes other works. i especially like "great giana rastas"
  4. Well, it DOES sound very Twin Peak-ish. Nothing wrong with that... It's well done and professional. I like it. Though sentimental music ain't really my cup of tea.
  5. Lovely! I just wish it kept that soft mood throughout the whole song. After 4 minutes it ceases to be perfectly adorable for me... that's because I prefer groovy laid back jazzy stuff before progressive.
  6. Great remix! I'm no big fan of the Cid theme. It's a bit too epic for me. It almost gets parodical. And therefore, I don't really dig the long orchestral intro too much. But when it gets into that electronic groove somewhere around 3:30 I just love it. Had it all been done in this cool style it had been more my cup of tea. The trance beat is a bit boring though. Ah well.... even if I don't like the orchestral parts as much, they're still very well done. And I like the hybrid idea. I would have liked some more electronical touches in the beginning of the song. And I agree with SuperGreenX... the trance part does need a little more time to evolve. Hah... I only took up my negative thoughts here. I hope you don't get me wrong, because like I said, I DO like the remix. It's great. I like the chrono trigger one better though...
  7. yep. this is wonderful. this is my genre of choice. i wouldn't try doing anything similar myself, because there's no point to it. i'd only ruin it. this is... the way it's supposed to be done. wonderful.
  8. Well... hip hop isn't my genre of choice. I love the spirit of OCR and the fact that this stuff is being done... and it gets more and more professional for every time. But this remix just isn't for me. Some of the sounds are a bit too synthetic... in a, IMO, bad way. I mean, I think it would it would be really cool if you used some oldschool NES-ish samples and combined it with your rapping. But this way.... it just sounds fake. I just don't see the charm. Also, I find the use of the hip hopy scratch samples and to be a bit overdone. Hmm.... well, my main complaint is that it feels unfocused and, as previous reviewers have already said, forced. I'd apprecieate something groovier... something to make use of the original without having a horn blasting the main melody in the background. I find that stuff distracting and confusing. But that's me. I want laid back stuff. Despite all of this.... I like the remix. Keep it up! Oh, and I get all sorts of eminem vibes here. With all the talk about "one life" and opportunities and stuff. Heh... that makes me thinking of that 8 mile track. =) /tommyboy
  9. Very smooth, and well done. Don't like the brass much... and I really like the first part of the remix a lot more. It would have been neat with some piano, or el. piano in there somewhere. Ah, anyway... very "skilly" stuff. Me likes.
  10. Finally! I loved the original.... I remember pumping up the volume on my amiga and letting the title music loop for an entire day.... hahah. Those where the days. And uh.. I've thought a lot of remixing this theme myself, but now there's no need for it. This is exactly the way I would have wanted it to sound anyway. Great work, Jeff! My current OC favourite.
  11. Stunning.... I love this song. It's such a beautiful melody. Two tiny things I don't like with this remix... The trumpet thing in the intro. Great idea, but... it sounds fake. And sometimes, I think the piano has slightly too much delay. You know... I would have liked the melody to be even more distinct. But that's just my opinions... I still adore this piece of music.
  12. Yeah, great stuff. I like your jazz and pop oriented pieces more, though. Oh.. and hah, if I'm not mistaken, the original had this really cool organ thing in it. I sorta missed that in the remix. And also, it featured some female Swedish whispering (!). I've been thinking a lot of making my own Tekken 2 remix. I would have remade the intro music. I always dug that piano break when they showed Nina Williams sitting in a bar. Or perhaps I would have made a medley, and try to catch that Tekken spirit. But this is lightyears from what I can accomplish. I love it. It sounds good, and it inspires. Long live OCR
  13. This is great stuff. I've listened to this one a million times by now. It ain't my genre either, really. I mean, I love jazz, but usually not this elevator form of it. But I love this remix for the quality of the arrangement, the skilly ( <-- new word alert) solos and so on. You can hear that the person behind this knows how to play a keyboard. I could never have pulled this off. Not today. My favourite part is when the strings come in. And that cool bass thing at 03:32.
  14. Thanks guys. I just love good feedback... especially since this is like my first remix (or rather the only remix I've finished), and I wasn't sure if it was good enough. Thanks. It IS short... but I was so tired of me never finishing anything, so I let it be. Oh, and for you who don't remember the original title music. I have uploaded it for you. I'll prolly take it down soon, though. http://members.chello.se/emptymy/tomb_raider_main_theme.mp3 As you can hear, the original had this cool choir, and is sonically superior to mine. By far. Longer, more epic. But it lacks the bassline, which I invented to make my remix groovier.
  15. This is like... very cool! I love it! My only gripe is when Starla's going for those low notes, well, they get sorta forced out. Doesen't sound that good. Overall though, this is great singing and mixing. This will no doubt be the ending song on my new OCR CD.
  16. Heh, I like this even more than djp's other recent remixes, which all have been cool as hell. The atmosphere of this song is SO thick! I haven't even played FF9, but I love this anyway. That violin thingie is truely phat.
  17. This remix is SO annoying! I love the atmosphere of it. It captures the Lemmings feeling. But it's those damn off beat vibes that are bothering me... why did he do that? It sure ruins it for me. Other than that, I love ít.
  18. Heheh.. I love that solo. I'm not too familiar with jazz scales, though (I wish I was). I think it adds a certain "jungley" touch to the song. Like something heard in King Louie's palace.
  19. Um... what's so funky about this? All there is to it is a very high tempo. All I can hear is guitar and drums. Guitar misses alot, and drums are a bit too crazed for me. And almost no bass! Not my thing at all. It's still cool though
  20. Weirdboy. Lotus 2 was a huge hit. To the Amiga it was, at least. The Amiga version had different, and IMO better, music too. I have yet to find a remix on that theme. While I search, I can at least listen to this kickass remix.
  21. I agree. That's the coolest part. It's the theme played when Guybrush dives down to the sunken ship "Mad Monkey". Like I said, I would have wanted some other themes to be covered. There is so much to take from. IMO, this remix doesn't capture all of MI2's atmosphere. Just the goofy part.
  22. Yup, this is cool. Monkey Island 2 is my favourite game of all time (that's right. As in "THE GREATEST GAME EVAH!"). I heard this remix a long time ago on a MI fansite. So this is nothing new to me. But I still dig it. I have been thinking a lot of making a MI2 medley myself, but I don't think I've got the skillz (yet). I would choose to work with some other themes. MI2 is just full of GREAT music... the entire game is just.... ahh GREAT. So's this remix. And Ryan (who made another cool MI remix) is right. The correct title for the game is "Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge".
  23. Hahahah... I love this one! Like Ginnsu says, it sticks with you. It's simply original. I don't know if you could even call it.... fresh. Well, nah. It IS 80s after all. =) A classic. Download now.
  24. Cool description Fire... I never played the game (well, I tried it once, and I wan't that impressed). But this is a really phat remix. Download.
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