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  1. I still beat that bitches ass! Keep doing mirror slice and keep up in the air and he wont call upon his little angel bitch until he touches the ground again. Plus get some bunny shoes and you move as fast as him! Damn that game was great heheh But still he was a bitch even with proper leveling
  2. hahahahah! i remember that game! man.......do we all feel old or what
  3. well good looks like we are all in agreement here:) Even for an RPG game that boss was hella hard ppl. You all know this!
  4. Dude you know i agree. I mean hes the last boss, does all this crazy shit and has like a million freaking hit points. But I have to bring up the secret dungeon on Star ocean 2. Remember the last boss in there oh and i have another, the last boss in Valkyrie Profiles dungeon. It was maniacally evil!
  5. You are SO right! The egg was an insane boss battle. And the battle of south moundtop. A pain in the ass I have to make my own little hard boss battle up here. Anybody remember Indalecio...the last boss on Star ocean 2-the second story. Most of the bosses in the tower were tough but damn. That was tough unless you really really prepared! alright ill think of more bosses
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