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  1. Hi! My name is Oliver. I'm a qualified clarinetist and sound technician from Malaga, Spain. Also, I'm a guy who has the crazy dream of making a living with his passion, ¡Video game music! I've been making music for video games since 2005 [Portfolio], but not until 2011 when I had the first opportunity to participate in a major project with Dark Ocean. Currently, I'm working on various orders and own projects. Besides I'm working closely with my friends in Tale Studios for the game Breaking Fast. I am working actively to find my place in the video games world, mainly as a composer, but also as a sound designer. Lately I'm learning a bit of programming. I never miss one of Global Game Jam or Ludum Dare for a couple years now. I invite you to enter to my recently released web page. Greetings! https://orchestralblackbird.com