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  1. Oh crap, never let me post in 1 in the morning because i just posted this in the wrong category! How do i move this to the OST related thread??
  2. Hi there, folks! I made a post a couple of weeks ago about me posting about "Song Suites" and mentioned in particular that i had my mind set on doing a short "Rival Schools: United By Fate" song suite. The funny thing about when i first posted this song on my personal Facebook account for friends to listen too before it went public, The Director of Rival Schools had a interview published where he expressed interest in making Rival Schools 3! RIVAL SCHOOLS 3?!? Make it happen, Capcom. #RivalSchools3 While this is still a work in progress (No drums right now, weird feedback from Piano that
  3. Thank you everybody for the feedback, I really appreciate it! Glad to know i'm not exactly breaking any rules with what i am looking to accomplish. Thank you guys for the tips and advice! This project is going to be quite the hurdle to jump, but i am confident that whatever i come up with will be somewhat enjoyable. Take care, guys! Wish me luck.
  4. Hi there! My name is Scott, and i am a aspiring song writer who is using Video Game OST covers to gain mixing experience. In the past, i have done covers for a few games and honestly didn't even know this site existed until a few weeks ago. Lol. Anyways, How i am looking to do my future OST covers is by arranging "Song Suites" inspired by the Ace Attorney live orchestra albums where you play a 5-10 minute song that have multiple songs involved that represent a game/series, and was wondering if there was any kind of rules against this for the site? I think i saw somewhere that there was some
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