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  1. Hi Julien! Thanks for the reply! We're glad to read that you enjoyed the arrangement and found the mixing to be solid. It's very encouraging. Giving it some re-listens ourselves, we have to agree with you and Nikanoru that the piano could've been done differently/better. Although sticking to the source material was intentional, we know that this is not really the OCRemix way! Which means only one thing: we'll have to get creative if we want to accomplish our goal of making it onto the roster. For now, our focus is going to be getting into a groove of producing regular content in the form of weekly releases. What will probably happen is that we'll have a longer term project on the go for an OCRemix production, while pumping out our usual style covers. Thanks for the kind words and feedback, Eric & Marc (Clangemonium)
  2. Hi The Nikanoru! First off, we're glad to read that you enjoyed listening! Secondly, we want to thank you for your two bits. It really means a lot to us for you to take the time out of your day to not only listen, but to come up with feedback. Many <3's to a fellow Canadian. We decided to post here for a couple of reasons: We wanted to advertise our youtube channel a bit now that we're getting back into doing this after a three year hiatus. Since we're thinking of submitting something to OCRemix in the future, we wanted to hear some feedback on the covers that we're working on right now to help us gauge where we're at. This project was kind of multi-purpose, with the main focus to make ourselves much more well-rounded musicians. By doing these covers, we looked to improve a few skills (i.e, transcribing/ear training, arranging, musicianship/playing, recording/mixing, etc.). You can even tell how long a way we've come if you compare the earlier releases to the more recent ones. Generally, I would say that we stick fairly close to the source materials. Giving a little bit of flavour here and there, but making sure that it really brings back the memory that people have of the song. When we DO decide to submit something, it will likely be a more creative take on a tune (or maybe a medley?). On a side note, we marked this cover to be wrapped up and will likely not make changes to it at this point in lieu of moving on to new covers. We are still taking your observations into consideration moving forward, though! Thanks again, Eric & Marc (Clangemonium)
  3. Hi everyone, It's nice to be a part of the forums! My friend and I started our youtube channel a while back (~3 years ago) and after going on a hiatus, we've decided to come back with a vengeance. This past week, we posted 3 stockpiled songs, along with 2 brand new ones. On top of that, we set up a soundcloud account and made our covers downloadable on there. Here is a link to the most recent song, Cid's Theme from Final Fantasy VII: We've got 12 covers up at this point. I think that our work has been steadily improving in quality, and one of these days we'll certainly be submitting a cover to OCRemix in hopes to make it on to the roster! I feel that our Stickerbush Symphony and Cid's Theme are getting pretty close to the minimum point of quality that we want to meet before submitting. At any rate, I hope that some of you find pleasure in listening to our covers, we look to be posting a new one every Monday (known as Clangemonday). Looking forward to hearing from you guys Thanks and <3 to you all, Clangemonium