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  1. What's up, fellow music enthusiasts? I'm Kyle, and after deciding that math was horrible and dropping from a Mech Engineering degree, I've decided to finally start learning to produce music like I've been telling myself to for like 3 years. I LIVE for VGM! A very large part of what draws me to a game is its music, and the music and its usage is usually what keeps me hooked, like in Undertale and any Pokemon or Sonic game (except Sonic Boom, just... no). I've started learning to use FL Studio for production, and I'm really liking it so far. I'm mostly interested in making original work, but I'm excited to make remixes and ReMixes for practice and funsies! My favorite games are Pokemon (main series), Sonic (1, 2, 3K, Adventure 1 & 2, and Generations), Rocket League, and Star Wars KotOR. I'm super hyped to be here, and I can't wait to be making music and meeting, learning from, and/or working with people in this community!