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  1. Use demi on that bastard and you'll win. Surprisingly it works.
  2. Dang after 40 pages"whew'' I can finally post( yes I'm that dumb). I used to think Castlevania 1 Drac was tough then I figured out how to beat it the easy way ater all these years of doing it the hard stupid way. By accident( yep, no brain power involved ) I used holy water on his second form. Didn't have to hit him in the head only anymore. Also see this technique at Gamefaqs too. Geez, I never thought anything there could help me make it easier since I beat it a decade ago but there you go Also used to think the Velius boss was hard too but someone suggested using demi on him. Not hard anymore. Still, if you can't beat them, cheat them.
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