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  1. Didn't really want to download a 45mb uncompressed file. Everything seems fine to me other than the volume but it IS supposed to be soft apparently. The strings sound super synthetic at times but I understand that you probably don't have much of a choice.
  2. For whatever reason it didn't sound normalized to 0db but when I normalized it, that was quite a sausage of a waveform, DJ Carnage would be proud. But there definitely feels like there's way too much compression and I'm going to pull the classic ocremix limiter card and say tone it down a bit. The bass doesn't sound very THICC to me and kinda muddy but I have no idea how morphine works so call me out if I'm being dumb. There seems to be some pumping issues if I can hear correctly. I like the idea a lot.
  3. I agree on the reverb part, but in my past I've always caked everything in reverb and room mics. I wanted to try a more "in your face" approach with closer mics. The drums actually don't have reverb, it's room tail shockingly! Speaking of trumpets, I should add those. I also enjoyed discovering it was polyrhythmic, I can't wait to finish this, submitted/approved or not!
  4. I greatly appreciate ANY advice and feedback. I do agree with the drum statement but I really wanted to accentuate on it since it's the heart of the original track and be bombastic. I'll probably have to end up toning it back to give room for a proper master. I have a week to do this and I'll be updating the soundcloud file every now and then.
  5. If you have rendering issues, tick the notifying rendering mode option for all external plugins, this may fix it. It fixes it for my Kontakt instances at least. And also close every application you don't need. Skype, browser, discord, steam, etc. Pretty much anything that won't inhibit your work. (wait for an evaluator they're smarter) Felt like there were spots where the dynamics should be lower/higher and it would have have flowed better had there been some more dynamics. At 0:55-1:12 the pizzacato I assume are violins panned right felt too hard on the dynamics, you could try spacing the notes, maybe it'll sound better (or not)? On the outro the left instrument (xylophone?) could have benefitted by being more dynamic, might make it too emotional but it could just be the pianos timbre. I really like the piano at 1:50, and the tempo changes especially, the tempo changes are my favourite parts. The reverb made it feel very cavey.
  6. It depends on the feel you want really, sometimes I want a very big roomy sound so I'll soak it in reverb. Sometimes I want a more upfront feel so I'll use closer mics and light reverb to mesh it together better. Some libraries don't really need reverb because of the room they're recorded it, i.e. the Orchestral Tools stuff, they recorded it in a place that has a real long tail so it needs little reverb if any at all. If I were you I'd experiment with various levels of reverb, sometimes when I make a track I'll take the reverb off and see if it sounds better. But obviously things like brass NEED reverb or it sounds weird. Convolution Reverbs = Altiverb, Spaces. eats cpu, uses sweeps of sound in various rooms and processes all audio coming through to emulate that sweep tail or something Algorithmic Reverb = Fruity Reverb, Valhalla, etc. Uses maths and stuff to create reverb, lighter on cpu
  7. Tekkera

    Cinematic Studio Strings

    CSS is probably the best string library you can get for it's price, also it has a different tone than the other string libraries. It's more hollywoody I guess you could say. Studioy? It's really thick and dark sounding. Berlin Strings might be the best one since it's the most deeply sampled and I think it has the most articulations. CSS is amazing but god that legato delay is so obnoxious sometimes, luckily there's a patch which has 50-100ms legato delay but it doesn't sound as good. CSS isn't too deeply sampled but it's made well enough that you won't notice in most cases. In terms of scripting, it blows CS2 out of the water, but CS2 and CSS are two completely different libraries. CS2 is big and roomy and the legato is generic, and doesn't offer as many articulations. CSS has pretty much no reverb tail and the tone is vastly different. I'm not gonna note on Hollywood Strings since ewql play engine sucks balls tl;dr get css over cs2 it has more stuff and isn't old.
  8. Always wanted to do work on this song one day, I feel confident enough to not complete butcher it, am I heading in the right direction? I've only done one other remix and it wasn't very good, hopefully I'll get it right this time. I need to work on the choir staccato syllables so they sound more natural, I want the percussion and trombone make it feel like someone punched me in the face. Update #1 March 14: Reverb! Trumpets! Less boomy percussion! Polyrhythms! An abrupt transition! Weird compression!
  9. I'm wondering what exactly defines too far, or too close from source material. And if anyone has some examples of this, that would be great.