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  1. Hey everyone ! Here's my metal cover of Friendship from Deltarune. Enjoy and don't hesitate to give some feedback
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys ! Yeah, piano is not an instrument I used often, and I'm still strugle to mix it or to choose which effect I have to applied on it. I used the Piano V from Arturia, and the velocity curve is really weird with this one. At normal gain and default curve I can barely hear what I played and when I turn up the gain a little bit, it start to clip JulienMulard After some re-listening few weeks after the release, I agree with you, rhythm guitars are a bit too loud ^^ Michael_Lochlann I'm more influenced influenced by band like Russian Circles, God Is An Astronaut or Pelican rather than "traditional" post-rock/shoegaze bands. That's explain the heavy parts ^^ For the drumset, I would love to record drums myself, I even have an acoustic kit. But for now, I lived in a relatively small appartment, so I can't bring it here or replace it with an electronic kit. It's weird beacause I worked a lot on the velocity, and I used the humanization function on Reaper to vary the timing and re-add some randomness ont the velocity.
  3. Hey everyone ! Here's my new cover of Suicide Mission from Mass Effect 2. Enjoy
  4. Hey everyone ! Here's my J-rock / anime opening style version of Singing Of The Gentle Wind from Xenogears. Also, thanks to Mind Waker (bass) and Zohar Emultor (2nd lead / solo) who helped me on this track Enjoy !
  5. Hey everyone ! Here's my synthwave cover of The Great Warrior from Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy
  6. Thank you guys I'll try and put this to "ready for review".
  7. Hey everyone ! Here's my cover of Piranha Plant's Lullaby from Super Mario 64. Enjoy Original :
  8. Hey ! Here's my new cover Yes, the arrangement is a bit light. The purpose of this cover was to test my new Korg Volca FM and learn FM synthesis. Enjoy !
  9. Hey everyone ! Here's my cover of the main theme of Silent Hill. Enjoy
  10. Hey everyone ! Here's my cover of Town Theme from the first Final Fantasy. Enjoy ! =)
  11. Hey everyone ! Here's my cover of Momentum Mori from Crypt Of The Necrodancer. Enjoy
  12. Hey everyone ! Here's my cover of Fear Factory from Donkey Kong Country. It's my first attempt in this style, so any feedbacks are welcome
  13. SlashBib

    Corneria (Star Fox)

    Hi guys ! Here's my cover of Corneria from Starfox (SNES). Hope you'll like it
  14. Hi everyone ! Here's my cover of Battle With Magus from Chrono Trigger. It's the first time I used a "djent" tone, so if anyone have advices about making a better tone in this style for guitar and bass, leave a feedback =) I also need some advices for eq/compression in low register. Thanks. Enjoy !
  15. Hi guys ! Here's my cover of Popular Potpourri from VVVVVV. Hope you'll like it