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    Hi everyone ! I'm SlashBib and I make video game music covers on Youtube since 2013.
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  1. Hey everyone ! Here's my post-rock cover of the main theme of Outer Wilds. Enjoy !
  2. Hi everyone ! This one is pretty faithful to the original with few additions. And I finally found the motivation to make my own preset on the Minilogue
  3. Hi everyone ! Here's my last cover. This track is featured in the last Pixel Mixers album, Beyond The Mist and it's a mash-up between Qu's Marsh from the FFIX OST and A Solitary Reign from the band Amenra. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mpx8AihWIHk
  4. Hey guys ! Here's my new cover. This track is featured on the new Pixel Mixers project, The Great Tales Of The Little Ones Vol.2 (check the link in the description if you want to dowload it )
  5. Hey everyone ! Here's my metal cover of Friendship from Deltarune. Enjoy and don't hesitate to give some feedback
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys ! Yeah, piano is not an instrument I used often, and I'm still strugle to mix it or to choose which effect I have to applied on it. I used the Piano V from Arturia, and the velocity curve is really weird with this one. At normal gain and default curve I can barely hear what I played and when I turn up the gain a little bit, it start to clip JulienMulard After some re-listening few weeks after the release, I agree with you, rhythm guitars are a bit too loud ^^ Michael_Lochlann I'm more influenced influenced by band like Russian Circles, God Is An Astronaut or Pelican rather than "traditional" post-rock/shoegaze bands. That's explain the heavy parts ^^ For the drumset, I would love to record drums myself, I even have an acoustic kit. But for now, I lived in a relatively small appartment, so I can't bring it here or replace it with an electronic kit. It's weird beacause I worked a lot on the velocity, and I used the humanization function on Reaper to vary the timing and re-add some randomness ont the velocity.
  7. Hey everyone ! Here's my new cover of Suicide Mission from Mass Effect 2. Enjoy
  8. Hey everyone ! Here's my J-rock / anime opening style version of Singing Of The Gentle Wind from Xenogears. Also, thanks to Mind Waker (bass) and Zohar Emultor (2nd lead / solo) who helped me on this track Enjoy !
  9. Hey everyone ! Here's my synthwave cover of The Great Warrior from Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy
  10. Thank you guys I'll try and put this to "ready for review".
  11. Hey everyone ! Here's my cover of Piranha Plant's Lullaby from Super Mario 64. Enjoy Original :
  12. Hey ! Here's my new cover Yes, the arrangement is a bit light. The purpose of this cover was to test my new Korg Volca FM and learn FM synthesis. Enjoy !
  13. Hey everyone ! Here's my cover of the main theme of Silent Hill. Enjoy
  14. Hey everyone ! Here's my cover of Town Theme from the first Final Fantasy. Enjoy ! =)
  15. Hey everyone ! Here's my cover of Momentum Mori from Crypt Of The Necrodancer. Enjoy
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