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  1. You are definitely right. The internet plays a key role in gaining popularity around the globe. And I guess, if people would like their music it would not be so hard to market them as well. They can share it on Facebook, Instagram, other social media. Anyway, regarding online influence, do you think paid advertising can help as well? I'll take your advice. Thank you!
  2. I assume you have found someone already who will do a logo and some artworks for you. Although, if you have not found one yet, I will recommend you to look for beautiful designs and artworks at Behance. I always like looking new and creative designs at their pages.
  3. I'm inclined to music and I want to help a close friend. I wonder about some music artists. They need to find ways to promote their own craft and music. They need to get out to the masses to gain popularity. What do you think is the best method? Is the use of social media enough? How about an online fan connections to build their own careers? Which is the best tool should musicians use to market their music? Any thoughts?
  4. We know that every business needs to produce an output that should be of superior value. Like in the music industry, how do they incorporate a quality management system in their production? Are there high standards to be followed?
  5. About a sound card under $100 you may check Toms hardware for it or just read about this at Amazon. I think its even less than your budget : Sound Cards . Hope that helps.
  6. Hey , I'm a new member and inclined to music. I love your forum and hoping to get a lot of new music genre from you. I 'm simply interested in numerous types ranging from traditional rock music to world pop and other styles.
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