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  1. Is there any sigificance to the # 111 that I'm forgetting? A friend of mine thinks its the psalm # but it doesn't fit all that well.
  2. If you have a midi keyboard, try Voyetra's Teach Me Piano Deluxe http://www.voyetra.com/site/products/tmp/tmp_dlx.asp It's only $50 and of course there's always the less scrupulous way of obtaining it.... I haven't used it past the first 3 lessons but it seemed like a solid program.
  3. Pyramid Head being in the movie just guaranteed me going. I was already gonna go just seeing the previews in the theater. But now I'll punch a toddler to get in.
  4. Is there any info about The Room yet?
  5. dude the final boss was easy all u had to do to dodge shots was to use that one ability where ur guy turns into a puddle
  6. i got another one, the boss and\or entire game of Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the snes. 47 levels......3 lives......no continues........passwords start u on that level with a damn water gun! the final boss would take over an hour to beat with game genie cheats, even if u can beat him, u then have to win the ending!, u have to fight ur way through a insanely difficult lvl to see the ending credits
  7. The unlimited version of Indelcio from StarOcean the second story is hands down the most difficult boss of all time. He moves 3 times as fast your characters, can cast spells while moving, and most of those spells are 1 hit kills to everyone in the party.
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