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  1. Hey guys, I'm Lars. I'm a high schooler in orchestra with some decent violin skills. I can also play the piano at a very novice level. I found out about OCR about six months ago and I really like the music you guys make. I love listening to VGM, especially Legend of Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles X (which I'm currently playing the heck out of). I'd love to contribute, but I don't have much experience making music. Currently all I have at my disposal is a violin, a piano, some basic music theory, and whatever free DAW I get downloaded onto my computer. I really hope I can make some good remixes for the OCR community someday!
  2. Spirit Tracks has a wonderful OST and I'd really like to see remixes from it. . Byrne's Theme For this song, I feel like it would go well with piano and guitar, with a soft sort of percussion in the background. The syncopation in this song is insane, and I really like the mysterious strength it conveys
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